title:What it really costs to see Adele in Las Vegas


If you’re trying to buy tickets for Adele’s Las Vegas shows, be prepared to shell out the big bucks. While tickets were reasonably priced when they first went on sale in December — prices ranged from $85 to $683 — those numbers are getting a lot bigger. The ticket broker websites are a great source of proof that Adele is today’s biggest music star.

Tickets: How expensive?

Adele’s 24-date residency will begin January 21st, with performances at the Caesars Palace Colosseum every Friday and Saturday night until mid-April. The shows are getting closer and ticket prices have shot up, and scalpers are trying desperately to make a buck from concert-goers. 

GameTime is a ticket sellerThere are tickets available for purchase at a price of tens to thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to go to the first show of the Vegas residency, you’d have to pay $19,275, as of the time of this writing. Two tickets to the January 28th show went for $96,950 (or 48,475 per ticket). The last remaining tickets on the site are $744. $744. 

However, there are still some tickets available that won’t break the bank. StubHub lists tickets for Adele’s first-night show are going for $500. The most expensive tickets for that date are listed at $7,900. While that’s still a bit pricey, it’s half the price of other tickets. 

There are other reasons than just listing ridiculously high prices in the tens or thousands. Many of these outrageously high prices are designed to increase sales. High-priced tickets can scare buyers into buying tickets for later shows, fearing that they will face thousands-dollar prices. The average ticket price displayed on broker sites is often higher than what is realistic, further securing consumers’ decision to purchase tickets. “below average”tickets, even though they are less expensive than the market price.

How Much Does Adele Make?

Caesars Palace will receive the largest share of ticket money, but Adele will also be receiving a cut. The singer is expected to take home almost $700,000 per gig, and that’s before merchandising sales. Adele will also receive a host of high-price perks when she stays at Caesars Palace. 

Adele has access to a private suite that costs $41,000 per night. This suite will be available during residency. She also has access as a butler and executive assistant. Adele and her guests can also eat and drink at no cost at any Caesars resort. 

“Adele is the hottest ticket in Las Vegas right now and she’s raking in a pretty penny from it,” Source:. “Caesars has rolled out the red carpet to ensure she’s treated like the superstar she is.”

Vegas residency are a great way for artists to make big bucks. Lady Gaga’s residency at MGM Park Theater earned her almost one million dollars per show between 2017-2019. Celine Dion also performed her residency at Caesars Theater, earning $500,00 per show for a total of $296.2 Million by the end.  

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