Today, Refugee Homes for Ukraine opens visa applications – how can you help?


People can offer to host a refugee for six months in their home or vacant property under the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme. Here’s how you can get involved

As the number of refugees fleeing Russia continues to increase, more than 150,000 Brits said that they would accept Ukrainian refugees.

The UN estimates that 3 million people have fled fighting so far. Officials think this figure could rise to 4,000,000 before the conflict is over.

The UK launched the “Homes for Ukraine “scheme this week. Formal application will open on Friday.

People can offer to house a refugee in a spare room or vacant property for at most six months under the plans.

Despite the outpouring of support from the warm-hearted Brits there are still many questions about how this scheme will work.

Some critics believe the move was made after the Government faced criticism over its chaotic roll-out for the separate family visa scheme.

38 Degrees campaign group shared exclusive research with The Mirror. It shows that the British public supports an expansion of visa programs and believes Rishi Sunak should fully support a proper resettlement scheme.

The Survation poll found a majority (53%) of the public – including 51% of Conservative voters – think the existing visa schemes don’t go far enough, and that the government should introduce a humanitarian visa scheme for people fleeing persecution.

Here’s everything we know and don’t know about plans to allow Brits to accept Ukrainian refugees.

How do I host a Ukrainian refugee in my home?

Brits will sponsor Ukrainians without family ties to this country. “Homes for Ukraine” scheme.

Ukrainian citizens and their immediate families who reside in Ukraine after January 1, 2022, are eligible to apply.

Sponsors will need the name of a Ukrainian refugee that they are willing to host. It is encouraged that you find people through social media, charities, and non-governmental organisations.

Because it is slowing down the process, the Government won’t match refugees with sponsors.

Robina Qureshi (director of Positive Action Housing) warned that the government is not prepared. “unleashing chaos”These refugees might die before they are matched up with a sponsor.

Although organisations may be allowed to sponsor refugees in the future, the Government hopes this will happen at a later time. Currently, however, this scheme is only available for individuals.

The British who offer accommodation will be vetted, and Ukrainian applicants will also have security checks.

A separate “family visa”Scheme for refugees with relatives in the UK

What information do I need?

Hosts must offer free accommodation for refugees for at least six months.

Although it is unclear what will happen after six months, the Government hopes that arrivals have had enough time to get on their feet.

You don’t have to provide food or other living expenses for your guests. But you can, if you want to.

While most hosts are generous towards refugees, the lack of financial support may prevent low-income families and individuals from participating in the scheme.

Anybody who offers their home to refugees will be eligible for a monthly payment “thank you” payment of £350 for up to 12 months.

Ministers have confirmed that the cash will not affect your benefits entitlements or council tax status.

Local councils will be given £10,000 per refugee to provide “wrap around support”.

This scheme allows people to stay and work for up to three consecutive years in the UK.

They will have access health care, benefits, support for employment, education and English language tuition.

It is unclear whether refugees, many of whom have been traumatized by war, will receive dedicated mental health support.

Brits should be aware that eligibility checks may apply, which could include visits to your home.

How can I register my interest?

Register your interest in sponsoring a Ukrainian refugee here.

Ukrainians who have a named sponsor today will be eligible to apply for visas.

More details are expected from the Government in the near future.