‘Today’ Show Allegedly ‘Ripped Apart’By ‘Catfight’Kathie Lee Fifford and Hoda Kotb are pitted against Savannah Guthrie. Jenna Bush Hager Disreputable Sources Say


Are you the Today Show being “ripped apart by a catfight” that’s pitting longtime friends and former co-stars Hoda KochAnd Kathie Lee GiffordAgainst Savannah GuthrieHer. “best bud” Jenna Bush Hager? One tabloid reports this week that NBC is considering trying to lure Gifford back to the show, which might leave Hager without her daytime gig, much to her friend Guthrie’s displeasure. This is what the Gossip Cop investigates. Today rumor. 

Showdown Between ‘Today’Show Your Besties

“Claws Out In Today Showdown!”The headline of the most recent issue of the National Enquirer. There’s apparently a feud building between TodaySavannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager were co-hosts. According to some reports, the trouble started after. “honchos”Kathie Gifford was the former host on NBC’s morning program. “pump up viewership,” so-called “spies”Contact the outlet. 

Hoda Kotb Pressing For Kathie Lee Gifford’s Return?

This is an apparent attempt to take on the show’s “arch-rival”You can also watch the ABC Network’s live broadcasts. Good Morning AmericaThe ratings for the most popular morning news show have topped out with a rating of. “They’d love to have Kathie Lee back. She is TV gold, one of those rare talents that lights up a camera and delivers viewers, too,”An insider adds “Jenna has never been able to fill her shoes. Most people in TV know it!” 

Kotb would be delighted to see you. “her bestie’s second coming,”Anonymous moles who are close to the situation claim that the proposition has been accepted. “stinkeye”Gunthrie. She’s supposedly willing to fight off Gifford’s return to the show “tooth and nail”Hager’s life from being lost. 

Savannah Guthrie Will Protect ‘Best Friend’ Jenna Bush Hager?

“Jenna is Savannah’s best friend. As long as Jenna has Savannah, her job is safe,”Source insists. The tabloid reports that Gifford told the tabloid in November that she was willing to return to TV if she could work remotely or from Nashville. 

Gossip Cop’s Got The Real Scoop

The Get in touchIt is not a reliable source of information, especially when it comes down to reporting on the Today show. For many years Gossip CopThis tabloid has been caught out lying about the stars on the morning show. It has generated a lot of distrust. Aside from our historical distrust, our first clue that this story wasn’t up to snuff was the insinuation about the “catfight.” 

This tabloid, as well as a multitude of others, love to report that women working in the exact same profession engage in bitter, behind closed door feuds. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Get in touch has claimed there’s professional bad blood between Hoda Kotb and her TodaySavannah Guthrie, Jenna Bush Hager, and Jenna Bush Hager are co-stars. 

The outlet claimed that Kotb, particularly her female costars, has been on the run for several years. Guthrie is often portrayed by the tabloid as a conniving, scheming person who tries to wheel and deal behind the scenes to further her friend Hager’s career, as well as her own ambitions. Oftentimes, Kotb is alleged to be the hapless target of the duo, who supposedly tried to force her out of her position in order to advance Hager’s career or satisfy Guthrie’s ambitions. 

Where Is It ‘Today’ Show Stars’ Relationship Really Stands

These reports are not true. It is evident that the women interact with each other both on-screen and behind the camera. 

As for Kathie Lee Gifford’s possible return to the TodayIt is unlikely. As She stated this in November, she’d only be willing to make her TV comeback if she was allowed to film remotely. It’s a possibility, but not one that necessarily means her return would lead to Hager being replaced. Hager is currently based in New York City, where the morning show’s productions are filmed. It seems that Hager’s role on the show can be safely assumed.

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