Todd and Julie Announce Major Weight Loss Updates


Reality stars Julie Chrisley, Todd Chrisley, and Julie Chrisley share their weight loss journeys. Interview with Us Weekly,The Chrisley Knows BestStars shared that Nutrisystem has helped them both lose weight. The stars also shared their stories about how the COVID-19 pandemic inspired them both to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. 

Todd and Julie openly discussed how they are doing after being on a trip together. “partner” Nutrisystem plan. Julie explained how she became the first person to sign up for the Nutrisystem plan. “several years now.”She observed that the transition was underway “taken time,” adding, “It has truly been a lifestyle change for me because I love to cook and I love to eat. But Nutrisystem fit into that lifestyle for me because the food’s great and because it works and because it’s easy and it’s convenient.”After seeing her success, her husband decided to join her. 

Todd stated that he gained weight during the COVID-19 epidemic. He was impressed by the success of Julie on the Nutrisystem diet and decided to give it another try. “And if you watch Chrisley Knows Best, then everyone knows that I’ve always been proud that I was the same size that I was when I finished high school and that had never changed,”He said. “COVID did more about my weight than it did my overall health. It screwed up my metabolism, but now Nutrisystem has helped me get that back.”

Todd shared with us that he lost 18 pounds following his Nutrisystem journey, while Julie lost 30. They are both on the same journey to weight loss, but they have their own goals. Todd is focused on the end goal. “numbers and results”He said that he often shares these same achievements with his family. Julie says she is more concerned with how she feels than what the numbers show. “[It’s] not just about the pounds, but seeing, knowing how I feel,” Julie shared. “I feel better on the inside. I feel better. I just turned 49 and I could tell I’m 49, but having dropped 30 pounds, I feel better. My knees feel better. My legs feel better. I can walk better.”