Todd Chrisley Calls Out ‘Naysayers’ in Wake of Guilty Fraud Conviction


Todd Chrisley is currently dealing the aftermath of his fraud conviction. Todd spoke out about the fraud conviction in the wake of his wife Julie Chrisley being found guilty. Chrisley Confessions podcast. He also acknowledged that he isn’t tuning in to the podcast. “naysayers”Despite the circumstances. 

Todd and Julie talked about how their families have been doing since being found guilty of tax fraud and bank fraud, respectively. The Blast. According to the pair they are: “united” as ever. Todd explained. “As a family, we are still united and firm in our positions and faith. We don’t waiver in our faith. Now listen. Are we disappointed? Are we hurt? Yes, but we know that God has a purpose for everything.”

The Chrisley Knows BestStar continued to state that they have received lots of support since the news broke. They’re still dealing with comments. “naysayers,”Todd vows to turn it off. He said, “What’s important and what has changed me through this ordeal is that I no longer feel the need to respond to the naysayers, to the people that don’t know, to the people who have no idea what the truth is.”Todd expressed his gratitude to all those who supported him, and stated that he will not give energy to negativity. 

“It’s taken me a long time to get to that [point] because when we started in this business, I went and fired back at any person that lied to us or said something hurtful, or whatever,”Todd said. “And now, I don’t feel the need to do that. And I think that’s part of what God has given me is that God has given me that inner peace, and he’s given me the full understanding of, ‘no one needs to believe our truth as long as we know our truth.’ As long as God knows and we know, that should be all that matters.”

Todd and Julie were convicted in June of all charges related to bank fraud and tax avoidance. They now face up to 30 year imprisonment. Their sentencing will occur at a later time. The Chrisleys have already made plans to challenge the verdict.