Tokyo Athletes Will Be Jealous at the Beijing Olympic Village Beds


Britcher and her high-tech bed were the envy of one U.S. Rugby player, who was definitely an athlete at last year’s games. Ilona Maher, who shared her hilarious reaction on TikTok.

“Your… Your bed has a whole remote to it? It has modes?”Maher spoke, becoming more and more emotional with each word. “How big is it? It looks pretty big.”

“Our beds in Tokyo were like, only like that big,”She said it, while making a small gesture using her thumb and forefinger. “And they were highly flammable. And very solid. They were very solid beds. My back hurt like, a week after I started laying on them.”

Maher continued, “Fake tears aside, Maher.” “But have fun! That looks awesome. That looks so cool.”

Back at the 2020 Summer Olympics, there was frequent discussion surrounding the so-called “cardboard beds” at the Village, which began after U.S. runner Paul Chelimo Tweeted an Image of the lightweight bedframes and said that they could only “withstand the weight of a single person”As part of a plan for avoiding “intimacy among athletes.” 

Later, Irish gymnasts debunked this thought process. Rhys McClenaghan, who put the self-described “anti-sex”By putting beds to the ultimate test Upload a videoHe was seen jumping up and down with glee on one. 

“Apparently they’re meant to break at any sudden movements,”McClenaghan declared. McClenaghan declared that the bed would not fall apart. “It’s fake! Fake news!”