Tom Brady Allegedly Fighting with Gisele Bundchen Weeks Following His Retirement From The NFL


Tom Brady is retired, but he’s apparently not happy. According to one report, he is Gisele BündchenWithin one month of his major announcement, the two sides were already fighting. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Why They’re Still Fighting’

Per Us Weekly, Bündchen was delighted to hear about Brady’s retirement. According to the outlet she was unhappy staying home to care for her children and wanted to spend her remaining days in Brazil. A source explains, “Gisele wants to spend four to five months in Brazil,” ideally during their children’s summer vacation.

There’s only one problem: Brady doesn’t want to do it. “He’s exploring other deals besides his upcoming Hollywood movie, 80 for Brady,”Insiders explain. His job search means he’d like to stay in the United States, throwing a monkey wrench into their marriage. Bündchen apparently thinks Brady owes this time to her because she was left alone during his playing days. Source: “She knows she put her career on hold for his.”

What’s Going On With Tom Brady?

First of all, the stars have enough money to purchase a Brazilian home if they wanted it. Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady own propertyIn Miami, New York, or Costa Rica. Brazil will always be important for Bündchen, but if she wanted to live there as this story says, why wouldn’t the two have a place there already?

There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong between Bündchen and Brady. When Brady made the announcement, she wrote a touching Instagram post. “I’m so proud of you, and of everything you have had to overcome physically and emotionally over the years.”

Brady responded with his own kind message. It was in part: “You are my biggest supporter and I love you more than anything in this world.”This sure sounds like he would place her before any cryptic. “other deals”According to this outlet, he continues to work. Brady is capable of juggling the demands of the NFL and his family. He can also manage the much less demanding job as a Hollywood producer.

Just a few days ago, both Brady and Bünchen posted anniversary messages for one another. “You are the best mother and wife and supporter in the world and I am blessed to call you my wife,”Brady wrote. It’s impossible to read these mushy messages and think they’re secretly on the brink.

They’re Still Together

This story proves that tabloids are not going to stop bashing. For years now, tabloids have claimed Bündchen was urging Brady to retire. Now that he’s finally hung up his cleats, Bündchen is apparently stillFighting with her husband. While the quarterback may have more Super Bowl rings than nearly anyone else ever, even Tom Brady just can’t win this absurd game with the tabloids. Evidently, his marriage is fine.

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