Tom Brady Allegedly Wanted $650M Divorce. Gisele Supposedly Furious over Broken Retirement Promise. Recent Rumors Say


It is Tom Brady Gisele Bündchen‘s marriage hanging on by a thread? We’ve heard whispers that Brady and Bundchen were on the edge of divorce before Brady retired, and now he’s risking it all to chase another Super Bowl Ring. Here’s what the tabloids are saying.

Tom Brady’s Marriage ‘In Crisis’?

This month, Star reported that the picture Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen paint of their marriage on social media is all a sham. “[Bündchen] and Tom have had problems for years. His decision to unretire after she begged him for years to retire has really shaken their marriage to the core,”An insider shared the details. Sources said Bündchen was giving Brady the silent treatment until she could sort out her feelings on the matter. “Things are very tenuous right now,”The snitch whispered.

But we reminded readers that Bündchen hasn’t stayed silent about Brady’s unretirement. The former model commented on Brady’s announcement post, “Here we go again! Let’s go lovvvey! Let’s go Bucs!”We thought it was clear that she wanted to cheer her husband on just like she had for many years.

Tom Brady Facing $650M Divorce?

Then you can Globe reported Bündchen’s public support of her husband was her way of “trying to put on a brave face,”She and Brady were in real distress behind closed doors. “She knows she can’t—and won’t—stand in his way if he wants to get back into the game, but she’s far less than thrilled about it… She feels completely betrayed by his decision—despite giving her reluctant consent,”A tipper revealed.

After a bit of investigating, we found out that this story just wasn’t true. A source insider said People, “Gisele has been vocal about wanting him to retire for years but she’s also his biggest cheerleader. He would never do it if she weren’t on board… Everything they do they decide as a family.” And other than the tabloid’s salacious story, we would have no reason to doubt Bündchen’s words of support.

Tom And Gisele At A ‘Breaking Point’?

Next Life & Style reported Brady and Bündchen’s marriage was struggling more than anyone realized. “She went berserk on Tom for signing a new contract,”Insider dish. “Gisele can’t understand why he’s putting football before their family again. Their marriage is now at a breaking point.”The situation was grim for the loved couple. “She’s not going to forgive him anytime soon. And the one thing they agree on is that being trapped in an unhealthy marriage isn’t good for anyone,”The snitch was over.

But once again, this tabloid’s story just wasn’t supported by the available evidence. Every sign pointed to Bündchen standing behind her husband’s decision. While Brady’s unretirement certainly shocked fans, we just have no reason to believe that he didn’t run it by his wife first. From what we could tell, Bündchen was well aware, and completely in support of Brady, his career, and his team.