Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Headed For $650 Million Divorce?


Gisele Bündchen appears to have it all: a modeling legend and Brazilian icon with a superstar husband, former NFL player Tom Brady. The two have been married for nearly 13 years now, but that may all be smoke and mirrors. Tabloids would have you believe the two are perpetually on the verge of a break-up. This sure feels unlikely judging by Bündchen’s Instagram page.

While her page sure looks like a labor of love, rumors swirl about divorce and discontent. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has busted about the supermodel and her GOAT.

Brady Can’t Go Outside

Life & Style recently ran an issue highlighting “henpecked husbands.” Its sources said Brady was no longer allowed to party: “Gisele wants her husband on his best behavior at all times, especially when she’s not with him.” She was providing him with  list of rules, with no partying at the top of the list.” A so-called insider said, “She knows that when Tom drinks, he lets his guard down, so she’s forbidden him from going wild and boozing it up with his friends.”

This story came about after Brady famously got loaded during the Buccaneers Super Bowl celebration. He later addressed that incident, saying “there was not a lot going through my mind” and throwing the Lombardi trophy was “not smart.”

This same interview saw Brady extol the virtues of Bündchen, so it sure looked like their marriage was built on respect and not ultimatums. With that in mind, we busted the story.

A Curfew For Tom Brady

Per Star, Bündchen was keeping Brady on a tight leash. A supposed source said, “Tom’s got curfews and a never-ending list of chores to do around the house.” He was no longer allowed to spend much time with his boys, for he was firmly under her thumb.

Gossip Cop called out this story for being a near carbon copy of the previous “henpecked husbands” story, right down to the rules of marriage. If such a curfew existed, and it definitely does not, there’s no reason anyone other than Brady or Bündchen would know about it. This narrative was bogus the first time, and this retelling changed little.

Moving Toward Divorce?

The National Enquirer called the safety of Brady and Bündchen’s marriage into question. Its alleged source said “they don’t really have a picture for what comes when Tom’s NFL career is over, at least not one that they’re sharing with anybody.” once the NFL money stops pouring in, the marriage could be in danger.

The tabloid failed to explain why divorce would be on the table since Brady and Bündchen seemed to be on the same money-making page. If making millions is their prerogative then that’s a good thing: it means their marriage is on the same page. Since it couldn’t find a consistent angle, Gossip Cop busted the story.

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