Tom Brady’s Football ‘Final Touchdown Pass,’ Is No Longer Available After Selling for More Than $500,000


It was meant to be the last professional touchdown football thrown by Tom Brady.  Ron Firman, a Miami commercial realty broker, paid $518,628 to acquire the honour of owning it.

After announcing his retirement from the NFL after 22 years, the quarterback decided that he was not going to retire. Within 24 hours of the auction’s close, he reversed course.

“Following Tom Brady’s unretirement, and after discussions with both the buyer and consignor, we have mutually agreed to void the sale of the football,”The auction house stated this in a statement last Wednesday.

“At first, I couldn’t believe it,” Firman told Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero. “Is this possible? How could this be happening?”

Firman stated that he paid more than $500,000 and was a Tom Brady fan. However, he didn’t intend to keep the football.

Brady said that Brady’s last touchdown football should not be. “on one billionaire’s wall.”He had hoped to partner with the auction house to make it available for public viewing. “They were going to going to help me place it in a museum,”He stated.

Firman also said that Brady could decide to retire from the team next season.

“I’m going to be bidding on that ball again,”He stated.