Tom Brady’s Imminent Retirement Is Making His Haters Smile


NFL fans who have been tired of watching Tom Brady dominate the league over two decades now have reason to celebrate after Saturday’s report that he may be retiring. In his 22-year career, the 44-year old won seven Super Bowl titles, six of them with the New England Patriots. His 2021 season ended early on Jan. 23 with the Los Angeles Rams defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady was denied a chance to win a eighth ring.

Sources said that Saturday was a good day for them. ESPNBrady informed Jeff Darlington, Adam Schefter, and Jeff Darlington that he was ready for retirement. Brady knew that the Bucs’ loss against the Rams was likely his. “final act”Sources said that he retired from football in the summer of 2017, and has been contemplating retirement and the next chapter in his life. Sources said that while health and family were key factors, the possibility that the Buccaneers would look different in 2022 played an important role in his decision.

Brady is yet to announce his retirement. ESPNAccording to sources, he did not want his decision affecting the success of the NFL playoffs. Don Yee his agent made it clear that Brady is the only one who will announce Brady’s retirement. Yee did not deny that the report was made on Saturday.

“What do you have to prove to him?”

“I understand the advance speculation about Tom’s future,”Yee stated in a statement. “Without getting into the accuracy or inaccuracy of what’s being reported, Tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. He knows the realities of the football business and planning calendar as well as anybody, so that should be soon.”


“Party’s better than grandpa!”

Sources CBS Sports“They expect Brady will retire,” says Jason La Canfora “shortly.”The Buccaneers are also ready for the news as it will force them to quickly find a replacement quarterback.


“Please be truthful”

“He is very respectful of the game and has great respect for the Tampa organization and all they have done for him,”According to a source close enough to Brady, CBS Sports. “He understands the ramifications that this decision would have on the team moving forward, and he would never want to do anything to upstage the playoffs. Whatever he decides, I’d expect he announces it soon.”


‘Tears for joy’

Brady’s first 20 seasons were spent with the New England Patriots. He won six Super Bowl titles and three NFL MVP awards. He signed with the Buccaneers in 2020 and won Super Bowl LIV and a fifth Super Bowl MVP Award. He holds several NFL records including the most career wins by a quarterback (243), most passing touchdowns (624), as well as the most passing yards (84,552).


“I’ll be even more respectful of Brady if he plays another season because of his spite.”

Brady’s father Tom Brady Sr. told Yee after Yee’s statement had been released KRON4 NewsKylen Brady, reporter, isn’t retiring. “Keep in mind this is what Tom Brady’s agent told Adam Schefter. Brady Sr. may be trying to protect his son, but he insisted to KRON that retirement reports are NOT true,” Mills reported.


“Here is the NFL’s new age”

“It’s not up to Tom Brady to decide if he’s retiring. The Constitution gives that power to the state legislatures,”Grace Segers, New Republic Jokes.