Tom Brady’s Marriage Allegedly ‘In Crisis’ Over NFL Comeback, Anonymous Source Says


It is Tom BradyIn serious trouble? One report states Gisele BündchenHis NFL return has made him furious and could spell the end for their marriage. Gossip Cop investigates.

Tom Brady’s ‘Perfect Marriage Crumbling’

Brady and Bündchen seem to have the perfect marriage. In Instagram posts, they often praise each other publicly. According to StarThis is a façade to hide serious underlying problems. A source says, “[Bündchen] and Tom have had problems for years. His decision to unretire after she begged him for years to retire has really shaken their marriage to the core.”

Brady was forced to make a choice between football and his marriage, which led him to his short retirement. But he soon changed his mind. A source explains, “She felt like she had put her entire life on hold in order to support him.”In 2015, she famously quit modeling.

When Bündchen found out about Brady’s unretirement, an insider says “she went berserk.” She’s now giving him the silent treatment, the source says, which drives Brady nuts. The tension got so bad that Brady even fled to his parent’s home in San Mateo, California, they add, and the two even put the construction of their Miami home on hold. According to an insider, “Things are very tenuous right now.”

What’s Going On With Brady And Bundchen?

There’s no way Tom Brady blindsided Gisele Bündchen with his unretirement. He was going to resign from the Bucs, and she endorsed his decision via Instagram. She commented on Brady’s post, “​​Here we go again! Let’s go lovvvey! Let’s go Bucs!”These are not the words that someone is going to scream at.

Brady may not have intended to retire. According to The AthleticBrady retired as part of an elaborate ploy to Join the San Francisco 49ers. Brady attempted to rejoin his childhood team years ago, but was again rebuked. He resigned to join the Buccaneers after it became obvious that they were moving in a different way.

None of this had anything to do with Bündchen, nor does his unretirement immediately mean the marriage is done. She’s supported him for decades now, so what’s one more year? This all seems to bother the press and the public a lot more than it bugs Bündchen. She’ll probably return to being a regular presence at games as she’s been for years.

Bogus Brady Busts

StarThis has been going on for years. It was claimed that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady were living separate lives in 2019. They weren’t. It later announced Brady and Tiger Woods were no longer friends because of Bündhcen, but they were never close, to begin with. 

It invented a curfew that Brady could not leave his house, a ridiculous idea a few months ago. This tabloid only uses Brady to sell magazines, and doesn’t really have any insight into his marital life.

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