Tom Cruise and Carol Vorderman snapped this photo that has people going wild


Countdown star Carol Vorderman’s recent snap with Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has fans convinced they’d make a good-looking couple.

The 61 year-old shared a throwback shot of herself with Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe, 59, before attending the Top Gun: Maverick premiere.

Carol looked stunning in the snap. She wore a white shirt, white trousers, and a black belt.

Tom, an award-winning actor, looked great in a jumper and denim jeans as well as a pair cool black shades.

The Countdown star captioned this gushing snap. “MAVERICK and MATH-ERICK.

“PIC from a fair few years ago. We were racing cars at @goodwoodrrc, having the best time. I’m back to racing soon, I hope. Have added rally driving to my list of MUST DOs as well. Life’s too short not to.”

Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman uploaded a throwback photo of her next to Tom Cruise

She signed off by adding that she’ll be attending the Top Gun movie premiere.

Carol’s gushing followers rushed to the comment section, with many hinting the same thing – how incredible the brunette pair would look together.

One person penned: “I am well, jell! You would make a fabulous couple of thrill seekers, though.”

Another writer wrote: “That’d be a good looking couple,”A winky face is followed by another. “You both look great together.”

Carol will be attending the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in Las Vegas on Thursday, May 19, 2009.

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After a three-year delay, Hollywood star Tom’s latest blockbuster movie, Top Gun: Maverick, will finally be released this week.

The premiere is scheduled for Thursday (May 19, 2012) at Leicester Square in London.

After previously turning down dating apps, Carol signed up last year for Raya celebrity matchmaking service.

She said Silver Screen Beats She was bombarded with offers from both men and women through the network.

Carol Vorderman
Carol stated that she is “strictly single”She “likes it that way”

She stated that: “A mate of mine said it would be a laugh. A lot of LA people made contact, men and women, funnily enough, but it’s not my scene.

“I’m quite happy with my usual way of doing things. But life is never dull.”

The glamorous mathematician previously said about her singleton status: “I am very happy. I don’t have any complaints. I don’t date anyone. I have some special friends. Plural.”