Tom Cruise Begs Hayley Atwell To Take him Back After Awkward Split


Rumours about this month’s upcoming elections Tom CruiseAnd Hayley Atwell’s breakup have been almost nonstop. Although the couple never officially confirmed they ever dated, the tabloids report Cruise hasn’t been taking the split very well. Gossip Cop has all the latest rumors on Cruise and Atwell, so let’s check out the most intriguing breakup stories! 

Tom Cruise Wants Hayley Atwell to ‘Give Him Another Chance’What is the best way to get started? 

The recent developments in the National EnquirerTom Cruise was allegedly the author “licking his wounds”After being unexpectedly dumped Mission: Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell. Although Atwell tried to “let Tom down slowly” by explaining she wasn’t ready for anything serious, Cruise wasn’t taking no for an answer. 

Insiders close to Cruise claim that Cruise made the promise. “all kinds of changes”Atwell could give Cruise another chance if he would just allow him to. However, friends close to Atwell said the 20-year age gap, commitment to Scientology, and Cruise’s “ultra-paranoid lifestyle” were reasons she didn’t want to commit to him. “At the end of the day,”According to an insider, Atwell felt the same way. “they didn’t have enough in common.” 

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Awkward Movie Cast: Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise Splits

StarAccording to the report, it confirmed that Cruise had split with Atwell around the same period. National EnquirerThe same claim was made. However, StarMore details were provided about the effects of the breakup on the couple Mission: Impossible 7Set. According to the tabloid, some reshoots could prove awkward as the couple wasn’t together anymore. 

After a year together, Cruise and Atwell’s busy schedules supposedly made dating nearly impossible. Cruise took it very hard when Atwell decided to end their relationship. According to a source close to both of them, “It’s clear by the expression on Tom’s face whenever he’s in the same vicinity as Hayley that he’s pretty crushed that she ended things.”  

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Tom Cruise turns to food after Hayley Atwell reunited with him?

The report was finally filed a few weeks later. National EnquirerTom Cruise reported that he was trying to get pregnant “to soothe his bruised ego”With food. The actor apparently was “eating three times as much”He gained significant weight, as he did when he was younger. Cruise spent a lot of time on set with Atwell, so an insider claims he gained 20 pounds. 

“With Hayley calling time on their romance, he’s feeling dumped and humiliated, and eating is a way out of the doldrums,”Cruise was revealed by a source. The insider continued to say Cruise’s added weight made him “look bloated and uncomfortable.” Apparently, Cruise’s extra pounds would also affect the new Mission: ImpossibleMovie, according to sources. Costume directors would “have to redo his wardrobe.” 

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