Tom Cruise Reportedly in ‘Secret War’ With Scientology. Shady Source: He’s reportedly ‘Leaving’ controversial religion


Is it? Tom CruiseIn a “secret war”Scientology, its mysterious leader David Miscavige as he gives off subtle signals he’s trying to leave the controversial religion behind him? A tabloid reports three signs that may indicate Cruise is no longer as devout a follower of Scientology as he’s previously been. Gossip CopInvestigates the allegations. 

Tom Cruise Dropping Hints He’s Leaving Scientology?

“Tom’s Showdown With Scientology”This is the headline from the most recent issue of Life & Style. According to both the outlet and its questionable source, Tom Cruise made a “shocking decision that signals he may be breaking free from the religion.” Cruise had previously served as the church’s most famous and devout member, a source explains. 

“For years, Tom has been the A-list star who’s given the church tons of publicity and some credibility,”According to the source, it adds, “David considered Tom his right-hand man, even his possible successor.” But that’s not the case any longer. 

The Places Where Everything Went Wrong

Cruise was allegedly an insider in the claims made against him. “drastically reduced his donations to Scientology,” and that’s just one of the signs of Cruise’s reported “growing disillusionment”With the religion. “Tom hasn’t publicly addressed it yet, but his loyalty to Scientology seemingly has waned,”Without evidence, the source declares what it says before adding. “It’s like he’s having a secret showdown with Miscavige and the church.” 

As proof of Cruise’s alleged “180” shift towards Scientology, the insider cites his supposedly diminishing time in LA, which they describe as the religion’s epicenter. Cruise is reportedly beginning to be a Scientologist after spending more than 30 years in the religion. “frustrated with Scientology’s views on modern medicine,”The insiders snitches, and adds, “The church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was opposed to chemotherapy and radiation.” 

Why Cruise is Supposedly Resigning Now

Although he’d gone along with that particular tenet for decades, the death of his friend and Jerry MaguireKelly Preston, her co-star last summer, seemed to have changed his mind. According to the source, Preston had received treatment for breast cancer prior to her death. “there was no indication that Tom didn’t support her or John [Travolta],”Who has also been “reportedly distancing himself from the church,”The snitch reports 

It would be a shame to lose Cruise. “crushing blow”Scientology continues to be a tabloid, with insiders adding. “The church must realize Tom would cause a ripple effect among the celebrity world, and  others would follow suit and break free.” 

Despite the fact he was said not to be “deeply upset” by actress Leah Remini’s public break from the church, the insider speculates that Cruise could soon make amends with the former King of Queens star. “This may be the biggest crisis Scientology has faced in years,”The source concludes in a grim manner. 

Something’s Not Adding Up

Strangely enough, the tabloid included a short insert with the article. It noted that Cruise had purchased a Clearwater penthouse last summer and that he shared it with his son Connor. The luxury accommodations are just a few blocks away from the Scientology FLAG building, which serves as the religion’s Florida headquarters. 

Although a source says otherwise, “If Tom does decide to leave the church, he’ll have no choice but to move,” it seems unlikely to us that Cruise would purchase a home close to the religion’s HQ if he was considering leaving.  

More and more evidence that is contrary

It is important to note that according to Cruise’s IMDB pageSince 2000, Cruise has appeared in at least one major film per year. However, that record was broken in 2019 and 2022, for a very simple reason. Cruise’ latest three films which have yet to be released, Maverick is the Top Gun, Mission: Impossible 7?, and Mission: Impossible 8All of these have been delayed by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. 

These films are either in production, post-production, or still in filming. So, despite all the work he’s done over the past three years, Cruise hasn’t had a return on investment from any theatrical releases, which is significant when it comes to church tithings. If one of Cruise’s major forms of income, his movies, don’t make him money, then obviously there’s less cash to donate to his church. This tabloid clearly just chose the most shocking reason rather than the most logical one.

There’s also a clear reason why Cruise hasn’t spent much time in LA recently. He’s been busy filming both Mission: Impossible 7 Mission: Impossible 8 Over the past two years, Cruise has made London his home base. Scientology also has its headquarters in this large European city. This makes it seem that Cruise doesn’t understand the distance he is trying to create between himself, his religion and Scientology. 

Gossip Cop’s Final Ruling

As for the allegations Tom Cruise has had a change of heart about his religion’s stance on modern medicine, we’d like to see the proof. His lack of statement about Kelly Preston’s cancer treatment is not the same thing as an actual statement. Based on the fact that Cruise still lives within throwing distance of a Scientology HQ, his lack of public complaint about his religion, and this tabloid’s clear bias and history of making up stories about the actor, we feel confident determining this story to be completely false. 

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