Tom Hanks’ Marriage Reportedly Strained Over Controversial Son Chet’s Behavior, Latest Gossip Says


Are youTom HanksAnd Rita WilsonAre they on the verge of splitting? According to one report, the pair are devastated over son’s conduct. Chet Hanks, and it’s taking a serious toll on their marriage. Here’s what we know.

‘Tom & Rita’s Family Heartbreak’

According to Woman’s DayThe famous differences between Chet Hanks and Tom are taking their toll. The PhiladelphiaAccording to reports, star is now fighting Wilson over Chet. Chet was known for his public sex attacks on Chet’s childhood. A source explains, “Chet is obviously in pain, and it kills them both.”They are both up at night, worried about Chet and trying find a way to help him. An insider tells them how.

Chet stated that he had a recent rant. “didn’t have a strong male role model”He could use the help of someone who can keep him on track. “Tom and Rita have been at loggerheads over how to deal with Chet for years, to the detriment of their own relationship,”Insiders explain. Wilson wanted to help Chet while Tom was trying to distance himself. After Chet claimed COVID-19 was a hoax, his parents—who were one of first celebrities to contract the virus—fought over whether or not to speak up.

Source: “Tom and Rita rarely fight, but when they do, it’s over Chet.” The two feel like they’ve lost their son for good.

What’s Going On With The Hanks Family?

Rita Wilson seems to be on the same page about Chet as Tom Hanks: nothing. The two haven’t commented on their 31-year-old son. Chet even called COVID-19 the “theme song”. “flu,”They kept their lips shut. For what it’s worth, Chet now says he’s done Talking about his parents. For everyone’s sake, that might be for the best.

There’s no way some random anonymous insiders from Woman’s Day could know the frequency of Wilson and Hanks’ fights. This information comes from a very private couple. Gossip Cop can’t imagine the two are thrilled about their son’s behavior, but we seriously doubt someone who knew their true feelings would spill the beans to this crummy outlet.

A Scandalous History

Woman’s DayMany times, she has been hurt by Wilson and Hanks’ divorce. The December story about Chet and their marital problems is almost identical to that of last December. The story claimed that Chet and Chet were constantly fighting. It’s just reprinting the same drivel out of sloth and opportunity.

Chet has given tabloids a lot of ammunition with stories about his people. In TouchA cover story was published based on Wilson’s comments. “wife from hell!”Chet may not always be an objective source of information about this situation. The story has no other evidence. Hanks & Wilson are still together after over 30 years. 

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