Tom Morello was attacked by security guards during Rage Against the Machine concert mishap


Tom Morello was not willing to take part in Rage Against the Machine’s bodyguard’s work in Toronto on Saturday. According to TMZMorello was also available via other outlets. Morello was there to assist a fan who tried to jump up and run onto the stage. Although it didn’t look like the same as Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock’s recent experiences with security, it was not.

The problem is when Morello becomes involved in the tackling force and falls from the stage. The incident occurred right in the middle or the final song. “Killing in the Name,”The red-shirted fan was patiently waiting to ruin his night by jumping on the stage. It would have been cheaper to park in the garage and do it for free.

After the mistaken tackle, Morello was fine and returned to the stage. TMZ reports that he gave a small wave to his fans to ease fears of him being hurt by the fall.

The security guard should receive a small round of applause. The whole thing happens lightning fast and security is ready to go almost immediately. Morello was in an unfortunate location at the time it went down.

However, the outlet says it is Rage’s tour was far from the worst.. The COVID-19 pandemic, the voided few years and other obstacles have made this reunion difficult. Zack de la Rocha, the singer, was injured in an earlier performance and has been forced from performing since.

It is preparation for the eventual Rage Cruise Against the Machine, when the band will be old enough to need sitting down again, but it is still sad. It’s unfortunate. The message of the band remains firmly in placeThey are not afraid to admit it. Toronto’s crowd was bombarded with facts about Canada’s indigenous people, their treatment over time and how it differs from those outside.

The The band’s reunion tour began in Chicago in July.The band finally made it to Toronto on Saturday, and then moved to Pittsburgh on Friday. Due to the current political climate, the band has two shows in Washington, DC that kick off August.

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