Tom Parker claimed that a “priest” predicted that he would end up in jail.


Tom Parker stated that a “priest” predicted that he would end up in jail or work as a footballer. Tom describes his humble life before his fame.

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Tom Parker stated that “priest predicted he’d end up jailed or working as a footballer”.

Tom, a Wanted singer, tragically died in March at the age of 33. He had been diagnosed with brain tumors 18 months prior to his death.

A portion of his unpublished memoir will be published later in the month. Silver Screen BeatsPublished an article yesterday, May 15, in which Tom revealed his childhood experiences before he found a fan in the hit-making boyband.

He spoke about his school experience and explained that he did not have the personality to pursue formal education. “more into practical things”.

He was told by the priest and his parents when he graduated from Primary School: “Tom is a nice young lad. He’s either going to be a footballer, or he’s going to end up in Strangeways prison.”

Tom recognized that this was a joke but he believed the low expectations he was being held to by others.

He said: “I just didn’t fit into society’s idea of what a good kid was.”

Although he struggled to get through school, he managed to go on to university and study geography at Manchester Met. But he only lasted six more months. “f***ed it off”.

His weed habit was established. “started to become a ­problem”His parents would confront him about the matter.

He explained how it evolved from a social activity to an actual thing. “full-on addiction”And what he would do “pretty much anything to get high”.

In his article, he explained how he took things from his parents house and pawning them for cash so he could buy more cannabis.

After stealing money from his mother’s birthday card, his parents kicked him out. He ended up couch surfing for a while.

He was a singer and won a grand.

But everything changed in 2008 when he stumbled across an advert for a site called Jayne Collins Casting – the company that formed The Saturdays.

Tom applied for more than 1000 auditions for the band and was determined that he would be accepted. His mom gave him money to travel to London for an audition.

His mum refused to give him the money because of what she thought he would do with is, so instead he bought a £1 bus ticket and made the trip.

The rest was history after the last audition and Tom was in The Wanted.

He presented his first single to his mother, showing his mom that he had made a complete turnaround in his life. Tom’s life was transformed.

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