Tom Selleck Allegedly Stalling ‘Blue Bloods’Renewal Talks: Anonymous Source Says, Demanding Raise


Does it Tom Selleck envy Mark Harmon? With the NCIS leader settling into retirement, there’s an opportunity for Selleck to get more money and power at CBS. Is it the Blue Bloods Star fighting for raises across the cast Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Black And Blue Bloods!’

According to the GlobeNow that Harmon is gone from CBS, Selleck is still playing hardball. He’s trying to get a raise and more control on Blue Bloods. An insider says, “Tom’s the star and a top honcho on Blue Bloods, and he wants more leverage than he’s got.”

There’s a power vacuum at the network with Harmon gone, who wielded immense power on NCIS. A source says, “Tom wants full control, Mark Harmon-style, and not just more money for himself but for the rest of the cast.”The Friends star doesn’t just want more cash for his crew, however. He’d like to see better food used on set so fans don’t think he’s gaining weight.

It is possible that a personal trainer might be included in the mix. Selleck would like a gym set up for him and his cast. Insiders say his gamble will pay off. “He is Blue Bloods and producers will probably give him whatever he wants.”

What’s Next For ‘Blue Bloods’Tom Selleck?

This outlet makes it sound like Tom Selleck is playing hardball to get a steep raise, but there’s no sign that he’s stalling anything. CBS typically has its upfront in May, where it tells the media what the next season’s slate of shows will be. It announced last year, for example, Blue BloodsAnd NCISWere coming back around a Months before the event. It is expected that the announcement will be made within a few months but not any sooner.

Harmon was an executive producer NCISIt has been for many years. It was also the highest-rated program year-in and year out. Selleck isn’t a fool, so he would know how television works far more than this tabloid. It’s not as though CBS would just slosh Harmon’s money to Selleck. That’s simply not how these things work.

Gossip Cop is confident that this story is false because there’s no indication anywhere else that Selleck is angling for a raise. He’s not said anything like this to the media, and there’s no way someone in his inner circle would snitch like this. Throw in the bizarre fat-shaming turn involving food on camera and it’s just tough to buy that this outlet knows what it’s talking about.

Terrible Reputation

It doesn’t help that the GlobeIt is pathologically incorrect when it comes to Magnum, P.I. news. Selleck’s had a thirty-year war against this outlet. It claimed he was 300 pounds in 2021, and that he would get divorced in 2020 — neither story was remotely accurate. This is not the place to go for Tom Selleck news.

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