Tom Selleck’s daughter gives ‘Baywatch’ vibes to Tom Selleck in a leggy photoshoot


Hannah SelleckIt is more than the daughter of Blue Bloodsstar Tom Selleck. She is a different kind of horsewoman than her famous father. She has made huge strides in her own equestrian life, jumping horses at show level and managing her own stable with great success.

Hannah, who isn’t a jump horse or winning blue ribbons in the jumping horse category, seems to enjoy going to beach and taking pictures (just like most people). Her photos stand out, though. Hannah’s photographs look great and could even be used as a reboot. BaywatchWe mean it as a compliment

Hannah Selleck Shows Off Long, Tanned Legs

Most of us take snaps at the beach when we feel good. Sometimes, we regret looking back on those snaps. We don’t always look as cool after taking the picture. Hannah Selleck can do a casual beach shot that looks professional and five-star.

She is a natural photographer, with her wide smile and arched legs. This is what we call a “symbiotic” relationship. She also managed to capture the shot on what appears to be a deserted beach, something that is rare in Los Angeles. We don’t know how she pulled it off, but credit where credit is due.

Hannah Shows Us Suit Envy

Though it’s starting to cool off in the rest of the US, it’s obviously still a beach-goer’s paradise in California. Hannah’s suit looks very modest with its sleeves and full coverage, but some sheer, peek-a-boo style cutouts give it an edgy vibe that elevates the suit from prim and proper to something a bit more sexy and dangerous.

Hannah could make this a career. Baywatch style look, she’s a shoo-in if producers ever decide to make a reboot of the show. She’s obviously a fan of the beach and has the sun kissed looks that casting directors can’t get enough of. She wouldn’t even have to name drop her famous dad, all she’d have to do is let them take a gander through her Instagram page. Who’s with us?

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