Tommy Lee follows NFSW Instagram Moment by mocking the Kardashians Photoshops


Tommy Lee, Motley Crue’s drummer, is having a lot fun on Instagram. Lee posted a photo sharing some of his spotlights with the Kardashian family, following his NSFW reveal out of the tub.

Lee appears to be giving his sisters and mother Kris Jenner his thanks by posting a meme that uses a photo of them. “old faces” back. The clip shows how the Kardashians Photoshop older photos onto their new faces, highlighting the differences in makeup and other computer magic that was used to maintain their perfect family look. They are always on!

This post was published shortly after Lee’s viral video. It attracted a lot of attention from fans and comedians who agreed with it. “More plastic than the oceans,”One wrote. “They all looked better with their original faces,”An additional option was added. “You get a nose job and you get a nose job,”A third writer wrote the article, channeling Oprah Winfrey’s old saying.

Khloe Kardashian seems to have received the most criticisms from her fans. This is not surprising considering how much she is covered in the media. According to Silver Screen BeatKhloe Kardashian claims that she had only one cosmetic surgery, on her nose. Dr. Anthony Youn, however, questions the claim, noting that she may have had two or more surgeries. This is a good use of your time.

It seems like the cycle continues to feed itself. Celebrities are clearly given cosmetic surgery to improve their looks. This leads to more coverage and a denial that any such surgery was done. Add in some cryptic social media posts and unnamed sources and you’ll have a beat growing. Perhaps a stew?

The Kardashians are a well-known celebrity and a prominent member of society, so they will continue to be a target for media coverage. They are always the center of attention, with Kim Kardashian splitting with Pete Davidson, Kourtney Kardashian marrying and taking PDA photos all over the place and Kendall Jenner modeling constantly, Kylie Jenner making billions, and Khloe Kardashian welcoming a child with Tristan Thompson, her ex.

They have not posted intentionally accidental nudes on social networking sites, however. Tommy Lee still holds this distinction.