’Tonight Show’ Staffers Allegedly Terrified Of Jimmy Fallon After Bullying Concerns, Unverified Report Says


Is it? Jimmy FallonWidely disliked by the set? According to one rumor, Tonight Show has turned into a toxic workplace thanks to Fallon’s apparent love for bullying. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Staff Faults Fallon For Backing Bullies’

Per the National EnquirerFallon, an apparently heartless boss who manages a toxic workplace, is clearly a bully. While Fallon isn’t himself a bully, an insider explains, his longtime showrunner Jamie Granet-Bederman has been criticized by employees for her own toxic behavior. According to a source, “At best he did nothing, and at worst he encouraged it.”

While Fallon painted Granet-Bederman’s recent exit as nothing more than her pursuing new adventures, sources claim she was fired as a result of complaints from employees of the show. One source says, “She’s a monster, worse than Ellen DeGeneres! What she put the staff through on a daily basis was wrong. She destroyed careers and even souls.”Granet-Bederman is even said to have made some people quit the showbiz entirely, according to the snitch.

This scandal certainly butts up against Fallon’s nice-guy image. Insiders conclude that Fever PitchStar “is not a good man”All of them. “To allow a bully to create such a toxic environment is wrong. Too many people know the truth about him. Karma is coming.”

What’s Going On With Jimmy Fallon?

This is what Jamie Granet Bederman sounds like in this story Game of Thrones‘ Night King, crushing souls and careers in her wake. This story is hogwash because if Granet-Bederman had been sacked over complaints, then she’She’d be out of work. She’s still working with NBC and Fallon. Just because she’s stepping down from the grind of The Tonight Show doesn’t mean she’s going anywhere.

The news of her departure broke on September 1, She shared her story Deadline: “As lucky as I’ve been to have had this experience, I’m even luckier to now explore new horizons with Jimmy.”These are not the words spoken by someone who was fired from NBC for employee complaints.

Not that this means much or that there aren’t legitimate complaints amongst the staff, but the Tonight ShowHas a Glassdoor Rating: 4.0The anonymous job-rating website for former and current employees is. Fallon has had his fair share critics but very few are from within NBC. Gossip Cop couldn’t find any evidence that Granet-Bederman is a pariah on the levels of Ellen DeGeneres, so this whole story is pretty unbelievable.

Other Toxic Workplaces

The Get in touchIt seems that the talk-show host is in good shape. Recently, it was reported that Fallon was being investigated for bullying and inappropriate behavior with frat-boys. Bizarrely, this February story goes completely unmentioned in the new piece because it doesn’t fit neatly into the narrative surrounding Granet-Bederman.

Before that, the tabloid insulted Fallon’s weight. The tabloid announced that he was becoming fat due to his low ratings. His ratings are good and his appearance has not changed. DeGeneres is a contributing factor to toxic workplace stories. This new trope is part Her legacy, but Fallon’s reputation is still okay.

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