Tony Dalton from Hawkeye and Vera Farmiga at Joining “Secretive” MCU


Tony Dalton  Vera Farmiga know that Marvel fans are inclined to file characters into two separate categories: villain or hero. E! News spoke exclusively about this issue. News, they asked viewers to approach the show with an open heart.

Marvel Studios, as is their custom, has not revealed any details. Hawkeye a secret, sharing only that The Conjuring Eleanor Bishop is played by actress as the mother of Kate BishopHailee Sternfeld). And Tony’s character Jack the Swordsman is just as mysterious, though in the comic books he was a mentor to Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner).

When pressed for details on whether their characters are team Avengers or not, Vera and Tony had some interesting responses.

“I think it’s funny that people want to assign just like a good guy [or bad guy], like life is so black and white,” Vera explained. “It’s not. There’s very bad people and there’s just people who make bad choices because they’re motivated by the wrong things, whether it’s their fear, insecurity.”

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