Top experts are concerned that North Korea has restarted its nuclear reactors, and is “enriching the uranium”.


According to an internationally respected nuclear inspection organization, North Korea could be restarting its nuclear reactors and enriching dangerously uranium.

Rafael Grossi, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) — which reports to the United Nations — said it was clear that boffins in the isolated nation were working at “full steam”To re-develop their nuclear capability to create deadly weapons.

They were able to enrich uranium and separate uranium as evidence. These are two crucial parts of the nuclear process.

It was possible that Kim Jong Un encouraged his people to work, “every possible, imaginable area that they have at their disposal”Grossi said that it was crucial that the west and South Korea have talks with the military dictatorship, before it is too late.

Mr Grossi said peace talks 'must' begin with the nation before it is too late
Grossi declared that peace talks should be started with the nation “before it is too late”.

He said: “[Nuclear] reactors have been restarted, plutonium separation is ongoing, and uranium enrichment is probably really ongoing again and other facilities in country are giving signs of being active,”

“My biggest concern is that there is no diplomatic process ongoing”

“There must be. There must be something that is there, so that there is peace in the Korean Peninsula, there is less tension there and we can move to the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.”

This disturbing news comes just a few days after high-profile weapon tests were conducted in the country.

A new submarine-launched ballistic missile launched by North Korea this week
North Korea launches a new submarine-launched missile ballistic missile this week

Two ballistic missiles from North Korea were fired into the Sea of Japan Tuesday.

The South Korean Chiefs of Staff stated that the missiles were fired out of Sinpo, North Korea’s South Hamgyong Province. “presumed”To have been fired from a submarine.

This happened just three weeks after Kim Jong Un’s rogue country launched the Hwansong-8, a hypersonic balistic missile capable carrying nuclear warheads. It was launched into the same sea.

Pyongyang claimed that the missiles will help to boost self-defence in the face of threats from South Korea and the U.S.

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