Top Gear host Paddy McGuinness remembers a disappointing meeting with Steve Coogan


Paddy McGuiness has opened up about his disappointment and disappointment in meeting Steve Coogan, creator of Alan Partridge, in a new interview

Paddy McGuinness recalled the following: “disappointing”Meeting with comedian Steve Coogan

The Phoenix Nights star met Alan Partridge, 56, early in his career as an entertainer.

Paddy, 48-year-old Top Gear presenter, admitted that he felt the same way. “let down”The encounter taught him a valuable lesson.

Bolton-born star admitted that meeting his idol was not what he expected. This led him to be more aware of how he treats fans now that he is a household name.

Paddy often writes about Steve’s meeting in his memoir, My Lifey.

“He’s a genius and I love all his characters, even the lesser- known ones,”Paddy is gushing in Radio Times’ new interview.

“But when I met him back in the day, I thought, ‘If I make it big one day, I’ll never treat anyone like that’.”

Paddy continued: “If I meet someone on their way up, I’ll never make them feel like a spare part. Like they shouldn’t be in my company.”

He said that Steve had bumped into him. “down a little bit.”

Steve, who is currently filming his role as shamed presenter Jimmy Savile, is most well-known for his comedy creation Alan Partridge.

This actor and writer created his most beloved and well-known character in the 1990s. He still plays the role of the confused fictional presenter to this day.

After wowing viewers and critics with sitcoms such as I’m Alan Partridge (sitcom), Steve returned to TV screens with his alter-ego in 2019.

This Time With Alan Partridge ran for two series from its debut. The parody current affairs show proved that Alan is still a popular comedian.

Rumours have circulated that Richard Madeley, a current celebrity camper, is the comedian from Manchester.

Steve spoke to journalists 2012 and denied that gaffe-prone was an instigation by anyone in public.

“He wasn’t based on anyone. He really isn’t,”He said this during the Sky Atlantic launch.

“The Richard Madeley thing, bizarrely, I actually think things he says are too ridiculous for Alan.

He’s almost like old-school Alan. I find him quite fascinating, but he’s not the basis for it. He does say things that are quite Alan-like.”

Richard, Good Morning Britain’s host, blasted critics who compared him with the incompetent fictional broadcaster before he entered the Welsh castle.

The Mirror’s former This Morning star explained that jokes or humorous comparisons can sometimes be misunderstood.

“If the gaffe thing was as frequent and as serious as is sometimes written, I wouldn’t have a job,”He elaborated.

“I’m not going to get into a defensive crouch about it, but sometimes I read these things that I’m supposed to have said in the past, and I just didn’t say them.

He continued to explain that there was nothing you can do about the claims and that he’s “Don’t be too worried” about the gaffe jokes.

I’ve done thousands and thousands of hours of live television and I’ve never been sued for libel. So I think I’ll be all right,”He added.

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