Top Halloween TV Episodes To Watch


Halloween isn’t just the best season for scary movies and candy, it’s also the best time to enjoy horror films and candy. Halloween has its own specials. Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror”The episodes of perennial classics such As It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Friends, The Office and other series have also made Halloween episodes that are a part of Halloween celebrations across the country.

There are many new horror movies and shows to enjoy at home this year. Netflix has the classic series. The Haunting of Hill House And The Haunting of Bly Manner. Other streaming platforms have also profited from the ever-expanding horror frenzy. Marvel and Disney+ have joined the fray of the spooky. Night Werewolf special.

There is so much horror on TV. It is important to recall the hilarious and horrifying Halloween episodes of the past. Here are 10 of the best Halloween episodes.

Parks and Recreation – ‘Halloween Surprise!

Parks and RecreationPeacock had a few Halloween episodes, including the Season 5 Episode. “Halloween Surprise.”The episode features Leslie wearing a Rosie-the Riveter costume. Jerry also gets a heart attack from her and we get to see Ron trick-or-treating with his girlfriend’s girls. It ends with Ben proposing his love to Leslie.


The Office – “Halloween”

The OfficeSeason 2 “Halloween”Episode is one of the first classic episodes in the series. To torture Dwight, Jim pretends to be Michael. Michael disguised as a twoheaded version of himself to fire Devon. Devon then smashes a pumpkin into Michael’s car. Peacock’s episode had a very serious plot. Dunder Mifflin was downsizing while everyone is wearing costumes.


The Simpsons: ‘Treehouse of Horror V’

The SimpsonsDisney+ has been offering a special offer “Treehouse of Horror”Episode since 1990’s second season. A parody of The Simpsons is what makes the fifth episode of 1994 one of the most beloved. ShiningTitle “The Shinning.”James Earl Jones appears in the episode. “Time and Punishment”segment, which voices an alternate universe Maggi that appears to Homer. “Treehouse of Horror V”It is also well-known for compressing as much violence possible into a half hour animated show.


Boy Meets World – “And Then There Was Shawn”

Boy Meets WorldDisney+: This parody of the teen slasher movie genre is available on Disney+ “And Then There Was Shawn.”This one sees the gang locked up in school detention and when a series eerie events occur, including the deaths Mr. Feeny (a janitor) and a student. Jennifer Love Hewitt is also a guest.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer: ‘Fear, Itself.

Joss Whedon’s supernatural series has its Season 4 episode. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (available on Hulu), “Fear, Itself,”All the characters are forced to face their worst fears at a Halloween party. The episode’s fraternity house was the same mansion that was used in the original season. American Horror Story. The series aired several episodes that were Halloween-themed, but “Fear, Itself”It is widely regarded as one of the finest.


Freaks and Geeks: Tricks and Treats

There are many priceless moments. Freaks & Geeks‘ Halloween episode, “Trick and Treats” (available on Hulu). It was one 18-episode collection of the popular, but short-lived, series.


American Horror Story – “Halloween”

The two-part “Halloween”Episode of American Horror StoryHulu’s debut season of’s shows just how creepy things could get. Ryan Murphy’s Halloween world sees ghosts taking over the Murder House. This becomes a nightmare for Ben and Vivien. The episode was created by The X-FilesNotes from Tim Minear and James Wong, veterans Vulture.


Friends – “The One With The Halloween Party”

“The One With The Halloween Party”It is quite surprising FriendsThis episode, which was HBO Max’s only Halloween episode, featured a guest appearance of Sean Penn as Phoebe’s twin brother’s fiance. The episode was about an arm wrestling competition with Chandler dressing as an Easter bunny, and Ross as the judge. “Spud-Nik.”Phoebe wore the costume of Catwoman and Monica as Supergirl.


Modern Family – “Halloween”

Modern Family‘s 2010 “Halloween”The episode is available on Hulu or Peacock. It has become a classic and was made at a time that the show was still at its best. The episode reveals that Claire is obsessed with Halloween and wants to turn Dunphy’s home into a haunted one. As is the norm, however, it was not a good episode. Modern FamilyFashion, nothing goes right until the family is united in the end.


Roseanne – ‘Boo’

Without mentioning a few of the most memorable Halloween episodes, no list would be complete. RoseannePeacock Halloween special. The Halloween episodes were a central part of the original series. “Boo”It was the first Halloween special on the network and demonstrated just how crazy the Conners were with the holiday. They may not have been rich but they had enough money to do all the crazy things for Halloween.


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