Tori Spelling returns to The Peach Pit with Her Children in Ultimate Throwback


Tori SpellingShe recently introduced her kids and her family to an important part. Beverly Hills 90210 history. The actress took them all to a recreation site of the Peach pit, where she and the rest were reunited. 90210 The gang used to hang around on the screen. 

Spelling Welcomed Family and Friends To Peach Pit Replicate

“My family & fans head to The Peach Pit this week…”Spelling captioned several photos of her family and fans as well as the recreated diner. “On my latest episode of #AtHomeWithTori out now on @vizioWatchFree+ on demand I decide to create, cook, and serve up a special in person event as a give back to my super fans!”

Spelling and her children welcomed a group her. “Super Fans”In the replica Peach Pit, she served them Peach pit Daiquiris and mini burgers. “Donna’s popcorn ice cream sandwiches.” 

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“We played trivia, practiced our turn to camera opening 90210 credit poses, looked at some amazing one of a kind memorabilia, and had a lot of much needed laughs. It was so special connecting MY family to my 90210 Fan Family!” Spelling gushed. 

“This episode meant a lot to me in so many ways,”The actress continued. “Hope you enjoy it and please know how eternally grateful I am to all our amazing fans over the past 30 years! I wish I could cook for you all in person!! Hopefully one day. xo.”

Spelling And ‘#1 Super Fan’Connected at Event

Spelling also called out one fan, Darren Martin. “[He] started as my #1super fan and has turned into one of my best friends,”She explained. “He flew all the way from Canada to be there with me and brought me and my kiddos such special memorabilia. D you mean the world to me. I’m so grateful for our friendship!”

Martin wrote back, “Anything for you lady! The food you made was AMAZING and getting to meet your kiddos was super cool! Love ya!”Others shared their opinions in the comments. 

“Wow! Such a cool thing to do! I absolutely love 90210! Best show ever!!!”One person wrote. One person commented. “This is so cool. Great Family picture. Awesome Family. Love you all Tori.” Beverly Hills 90210 Spelling made her a star, and viewers loved watching her children celebrate and learn about her time on the show. 

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