Torrie Wilson, WWE Hall of Famer shows her cheeky side in Poolside Photo


Torrie Wilson, 47, looks ring ready. The WWE Hall of Famer I went on Instagram to share a cheeky picture of her in a blue bikini and having a drink by the pool to celebrate her birthday. Wilson wrote the caption. “Cheers! And thanks for all the bday love today! Love you guys.” 

Officially, Wilson In 2008, he was retired from professional wrestlingBut she has kept herself in good shape. Wilson competed in bikini contests and fitness competitions before entering pro wrestling. So, health has been an important part of Wilson’s life. Wilson was featured in WCW’s 1999 pro wrestling debut. After WCW, Wilson was promoted to WWE in 2001. She remained with WWE for eight years. Wilson did not win any championships in her professional wrestling career, but was inducted into WWE Hall of Fame 2019 In 2021, she made her WWE return when she took part in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Wilson was also a participant in the 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble Match. 

“It was exhilarating!”Wilson stated in WWE’s The Bump following the 2021 Royal Rumble.per Wrestling Inc. “It was different without the crowd. But I did get those nerves right before I went out. Anyone that’s ever gotten in that ring, you just know you do it, you think you’re done, and you get your feet back in there again.”  

Wilson also spoke out about Victoria, the WWE’s legendary female wrestler. “First of all, I didn’t know Victoria was going to be there,”She mentioned. “[When] I saw her… we’re really good friends way before we got into wrestling. When I saw her, I started crying. I couldn’t believe she was there; she’s so awesome. I was excited that she got her moment to just kick some butt in there.

“It was great to be there with so many NXT girls. It was almost a shame to share the ring with them. It is amazing to see the talent of these athletes. Charlotte Flair? Charlotte Flair and I were going to be in a ring together. It was quite a treat to be able beat Charlotte Flair on the sidelines.

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