Tory MP accuses BBC that Boris Johnson made ‘look like Hannibal Lecter’ in bizarre spat


Adam Holloway even brought a printed copy, and told BBC Newsnight: “Look at that!” He’s got razor blades! Is that guy like someone who was given a birthday cake?

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Tory MP accuses BBC if it uses biased graphics against Boris Johnson

Last night, a Tory MP accused the BBC of creating Boris Johnson “look like Hannibal Lecter”A remarkable spat.

Adam Holloway is a supporter and a representative of the PM. Newsnight claimed that it was biased because it used a graphic to illustrate a story on his no confidence vote result.

Last night, 41% of Tory MPs voted against the Prime Minister. This is a worse result than Theresa May’s 2018.

But according to Mr Holloway, the problem was Newsnight’s graphic – and brought a printout of it to prove his point.

He spoke to the program: “There is great damage to the reputation of politics and it should also do damage to organisations like the BBC.

“This programme I am on now were showing pictures of him looking like Hannibal Lecter at the beginning.”

Anthony Hopkins brought Hannibal Lecter, a fictional serial killer/cannibal to life in The Silence of the Lambs.

The presenter responded “oh come on”Mr Holloway pulled out his printed copy and exclaimed: “Okay, I can show you here. Look at that! He’s got razor blades.

“I mean, does that guy look like someone who has, you know, been given a birthday cake or someone who, you know, has been locked up for something at the Old Bailey?

“I mean, this thing has been blown totally out of proportion and actually we should be thanking this man.”

The incident is reminiscent of a row between Jeremy Corbyn supporters & BBC Newsnight, where they accused the programme Photoshopping their hats.

In 2018, the BBC denied allegations that Newsnight had altered a photo of then-Labour leader, to make him appear more Russian.

As the backdrop for an item about his reaction to the Salisbury poisoning, the show featured a picture of the Labour leader alongside images of Moscow.

Critics claim that the hat was digitally altered to look like a man. “Soviet stooge”.

Owen Jones, left wing commentator, spoke to the program: “The media framing has been a disgrace and I have to say that includes your own programme.”

The programme maintained that it had used the same backdrop as the picture of Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson. They only changed the colour saturation.

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