Tory MPs preparing to oust Boris Johnson if he’s fined for rule-breaking parties


Boris Johnson’s most loyal allies are said to be growing tired of the constant drip of Partygate evidence as Tory MPs plan to oust the PM if he’s fined

Conservative MPs are preparing to oust Boris Johnson if he is fined for attending any rule-breaking gatherings during lockdown.

Even the Prime Minister’s loyal allies are understood to be growing tired of the constant drip of Partygate evidence.

A Conservative source told the Mirror many of the Tory 2019 intake who have defended Mr Johnson throughout the scandal are struggling to cope with criticism from their constituents.

While another Tory source reportedly said “a confidence vote would be on the cards straight away” if the Prime Minister is slapped with a fine.

And former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said if the PM does have to pay a fixed penalty notice “it would be very tough” for colleagues to continue backing him.

Mr Johnson, who has repeatedly denied breaking the rules, has refused to say whether he will resign if he is fined by police.

Scotland Yard has been investigating a dozen Whitehall gatherings. The PM is thought to have been at six of them.

These include the bring your own booze event in the Downing Street garden and an alleged bash in his No11 flat. A Tory MP said: “Everyone is waiting for the police investigation and the [full] Sue Gray report to be released.

“At that point the facts will be available, and it is that point when Boris faces the biggest risk.” It would need 54 Tory MPs to submit letters of no-confidence in Mr Johnson to force a vote. He would then be ousted if more than 50% of his party’s MPs want him to go.

It is understood one of his allies has said the police will need to be “very certain” Mr Johnson broke the rules before giving him a fixed penalty notice.

Adam Wagner, a lawyer who specialises in Covid rules, said he hopes the ally is not trying to “exert pressure” on the investigating officers.

No10 said the Government respects the independence of police to carry out inquiries “without fear or favour”.

The Met Police is sending more than 50 people “formal questionnaires” asking for “an account and explanation” relating to the alleged parties. The PM will hire a lawyer if he is quizzed.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak, when asked if he expects to get a questionnaire, replied: “No… well, I don’t know.”

He has previously said he was present at the PM’s surprise birthday do in the Cabinet Room in 2020 after arriving for a meeting.

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