Touchy Subject Allowedly got Harry and William Back on Speaking Terms, Royal Gossip Saids


Are you Prince HarryAnd Prince WilliamAre you talking again? According to one tabloid, the brothers have finally made peace for the good of the monarchy. Here’s the latest gossip about the royal brothers’ feud.

Harry and William ‘Reunited’ Over New Feud?

This week Life & Style According to reports, the Sussexes and Cambridges are trying to make amends. They owe it all Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowes. Apparently, neither Prince Harry nor Prince William has faith in Charles and Bowles’ ability to rule. According to reports, the brothers agree that the monarchy needs a stronger ruler. Harry also supports William’s efforts in order to avoid Charles in the line.

“[They] are back on speaking terms,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “William called Harry in California. They agree that Charles and Camilla aren’t the right caliber to be king and queen.” And the controversy has renewed Harry’s interest in royal life. Harry seems to be keeping a close eye on his family. “one foot in Britain.”Sources report that the duke renewed his lease on Frogmore Cottage recently just to be “better positioned to support William.”

Prince Harry ‘Keeping One Foot In Britain’?

While it’s totally possible that Harry and William are speaking to one another, we doubt it’s just to trash their father and stepmother. Neither William nor Harry has ever publicly spoken a bad word about Bowles, so we aren’t buying this dubious insider’s story.

But even if Harry and William didn’t want their father to rule, there isn’t anything they could do about it; the line of succession is written in law. So, short of petitioning Parliament, which would almost certainly be a dead end, there’s no course of action William can legally take.

And finally, it’s a bit unnecessary to bring up Harry’s lease renewal in this whole ordeal. It’s no surprise that Harry—still a blood member of the British royal family—is keeping a property in the UK. Harry probably wanted to maintain the lease, even though Princess Eugenie is living in Frogmore Cottage. It doesn’t mean Harry is helping William stage a coup, and this tabloid’s ludicrous story shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

The Tabloid on Prince Harry

There are no surprises. Life & Style. The tabloid has a bad habit of spreading misinformation about the British royal family — especially the Duke of Sussex. The tabloid claimed last year that Queen Elizabeth prohibited Harry from christening her daughter in the UK. The tabloid then reported that Queen Elizabeth had given Prince Harry a UK estate. In further real estate confusion, the magazine claimed Harry and Meghan Markle were buying a New York City property. Finally, the magazine claimed that the queen begged Markle to take her children to the UK. Obviously, Life & Style doesn’t really have an spy hidden in the royal fold.

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