Tower blocks with rats infested attract plague of flies, so people can’t open their windows


Disgusted tenants openly shared their stories about living in a Sheffield suburb. “plague of rats and flies”Overflowing bins have made it impossible for them to open their windows.

Disgusted tenants share their stories of how it feels to live with them “a plague of rats and flies”In a suburb of Sheffield

Sheffield City Council has installed skips outside Callow Place, Gleadless’s doors. This closes the garbage chutes that were previously inside the buildings, and leaves tenants to deal with the stench and other creatures.

One man, who didn’t want to be identified, said Yorkshire Live: “I’m absolutely fed up with the rubbish bins, it is a plague of rats and flies.”

He said as well as the “Millions of flies”, tenants have to put up with the smell of the bins, which was particularly bad during the summer months.

Tenants are fed up of the smell and critters from the bins
Tenants are tired of the smells and creatures in the bins

“They stink awful. If you live on the first floor you can barely open your window,”He concluded.

He added that fly tipping has become a major problem, saying: “”People come from everywhere and dump their rubbish here. It’s absolutely outrageous the amount of rubbish.”

Another said he has seen transit vans from construction sites visiting several times before, arriving in the early hours to dump rubble in the bins.

But he said the problem has improved since the council installed signs announcing fines for anyone caught.

People have been left unable to open their windows
People are unable to open their doors.

The man claimed that he gets irritated by the smell and flies landing in food when he opens a window, despite his living up high in the block and having installed protective measures.

He also was concerned about his elderly and handicapped neighbors, imagining them struggling to take their bin bags out.

All those interviewed expressed hope that the council would open the chutes once again.

It is believed that the rubbish chutes were closed first during the pandemic when workers couldn’t clean them. However, the council has since announced plans for closing the chutes throughout the city.

Paul Wood, the Executive Member for Housing, said previously that he was aware of properties contacting housing services.

He said: “At Callow, we have been told of four other addresses that are experiencing fly issues but the type, cause and extent of the problem is yet to be assessed.

“These addresses have been referred to environmental services for inspection and appropriate treatment.

“The process for the closure is still to be finalised and will be done in consultation with residents but the initial programme is scheduled to start in January 2022 and will include four high rise blocks, the three Deer Park towers in Stannington and Hanover tower at Exeter Drive.

“The remaining 20 tower blocks will be part of a future programme delivered over the next two to five years.

“We are working through an appropriate structure survey and whether there is any general advice we can give to residents.”

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