Toyah Battersby of Coronation Street ‘to kidnap Alfie.


Coronation Street fans were in an unusual mood Monday night. Some believed Toyah battersby might kidnap Imran Habeeb or Abi Webster’s baby.

Toyah was devastated to learn that Imran, her partner, was the father of Alfie’s young child.

Toyah tried to move on from the trauma caused by the pair but was further disappointed when, Monday evening, she was informed that she wasn’t allowed adopt Elsie.

Fans were left wondering if Toyah would go one step further and unexpectedly show up at the hospital to meet Imran’s baby.

Can Toyah go even further?

One Twitter user assumed that a kidnapping story would soon be in the future.

The viewer wrote: “How was Toyah even allowed in there. Not another baby kidnapping storyline coming up is it.”

Another: “Toyah will probably end up snatching baby Alfie.”

Others were puzzled by the fact that Toyah was allowed into the ward on her merit.

Another person wrote: “Is Toyah (or anyone) allowed to just rock up to the neonatal unit, don a plastic apron and go in looking at a baby in there? I’m sure it wouldn’t be allowed!”

Although Toyah was initially in a difficult situation, many viewers started to sympathize with her. However, the public’s opinions changed when Toyah ran into Abi at hospital.

Toyah shared her feelings with the mechanic. She said that she didn’t believe Abi was a good mother and she didn’t deserve Alfie as her child.

She also suggested that Alfie would be better if adopted.

Toyah’s insults towards Abi fans was certainly a disconcerting sight. They shared their thoughts online again after being irritated by her behavior.

One user on social media tweeted: “Toyah needs to pipe down and take a good look at her own behaviour. She couldn’t wait to be Abi’s saviour and play the Good Samaritan and her history with baby Susie wasn’t that great either.”

Another fan stated: “So now Toyah doesn’t think Abi should get Alfie & he’d be better off in care.

“Toyah’s nasty side has come out & I get she’s angry but she pushed Abi to fight for Alfie in the first place but now she knows that Imran’s the daddy she’s singing a different tune.”

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