Tracee Ellis Ross explains why turning 50 is so important ‘Feels Like Flowers’ Despite Perimenopause


Society has been telling women for decades that they should It is a terrible feeling.Turning 50. The stigma associated with this milestone is slowly but surely diminishing. Here’s why Black-ishStar Tracee Ellis Ross is excited for her 50th birthday.

‘Wander, Ponder, Be’

Tracee Ellis Ross stopped at earlier this month. Today To chat with Hoda Koutb and Jenna Bush Hager. Ross was sad to see the end of her sitcom Black-ishThe series aired for eight seasons. But, Diana Ross’s daughter is optimistic about the future. “You are in the middle of something magical right now, aren’t you?”Kotb observed.

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“It’s a good time,”Ross confirms. “It feels like the beginning of a chapter … I end Black-ish with so much joy and pride, and so it feels like we did it. It’s not like something where there was anything missing, and I’m walking into my 50th birthday. So, the combination of that, I feel like I’m in this time of wander, ponder, be, and kind of figure out what’s the next dream, what do I want in this next chapter of my life?”

Ross elaborated further on her philosophy. “wander, ponder, be,” explaining that it’s just her way of stepping back from distractions like social media so that she can take stock of her life and what she wants out of it. She also notes that she’ll have plenty of time to “wander, ponder, be” during the two weeks she’ll be taking off for her 50th birthday.

‘I’ve Always Loved Getting Older’

“Let’s talk about 50,”Kotb was born. “Because that can mark a big milestone. So, how does 50 feel when you say it?”Ross was the right person to respond.

“It feels like this,”Standing so everyone could view her gorgeous floral jumpsuit, she said. “It feels like flowers! I’m very excited about it. I have always loved getting older, I really have. There are certain things that are really strange. I am in perimenopause, and hot flashes just come up like a personal summer just enters from the inside,”The High Note Actress jokes “I feel like I am wiser, I’m more comfortable in my skin.”

We just can’t get over this interview. Ross is the epitome of age-positivity. Her positive outlook is contagious and her outlook is refreshing. Tracee Ellis Ross celebrates her 50th birthday on October 29th. We wish her a very happy and peaceful birthday, with plenty of time for wandering, pondering, and being!

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