Tragic Plane Crash in Aaliyah nearly Never Happened as Claimed in Latest Details


Aaliyah had her life cut short almost 20 years ago at this point, but the rising R&B star had a chance to avoid the deadly flight that ended her life. To a A new book that retraces the events of the pastAccording to some reports, the 22-year old was allegedly given drugs to help her get through the flight. This bold claim came after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

In Baby Girl: Better than Aaliyah, Kathy Iandoli is a music journalist.A man from the Abaco Islands has added details to the already known facts about the fatal flight. Kingsley Russel posted in February 2020 a video describing Kobe Bryant’s fatal helicopter crash. It also links it to what he claims to have seen with Aaliyah’s flight.

According to The Daily Beast and a chat with Iandoli, Kingsley claims that the R&B star, already facing fears of flying, was drugged by her entourage to get her through the flight. According to reports, the plane was heavier than the law and the pilot had cocaine, alcohol, and a toxicology test confirmed this. Russell adds some disturbing details to this.

“[The airport staff] and Aaliyah had the common sense that the plane was overweight,”He said in the book that the singer had gotten into the taxi again and fell asleep. “They took her out of the van; she didn’t even know she was getting boarded on a plane. She went on the airplane asleep.”

Kingsley claims that he witnessed Aaliyah refusing to board the plane and then saw an entourage member giving the singer a pill which put her in a state of sleep. This was enough to allow Kingsley to transport her to the plane. Iandoli nearly didn’t want the pill details in the book. But, he kept them because of how they were written. “fit”This is the story.

“In learning that she did not want to get on the plane, for someone like myself and so many other people, I think that’s closure for us,”Iandoli informs the outlet. “The only thing I’ve taken with me is that after 20 years, I can finally say that Aaliyah didn’t want to get on the plane. That makes me feel a little better, but not much. This didn’t have to happen. She should still be here, and I think that’s the saddest part about it.”

There are many questions surrounding the allegations regarding the flight and Aaliyah’s condition before the fatal flight. The outcome of the flight will not be challenged, nor will the loss of lives. Iandoli’s fans will find closure in this news, which is a positive outcome to the tragedy.