Trailer for The White Lotus Season 2: Another Dead Body


The resort is also on the opposite side. Jennifer Coolidge‘s Tanya McQuoid is back—and now, she’s married to Greg (Jon GriesShe met him in the first season. But he isn’t the only person accompanying her on her Italian getaway: Her assistant Portia (Haley Lu RichardsonGreg isn’t happy that ) has taken her flight. 

He can be seen snapping “You bring your assistant to a vacation with your husband!”He begs. 

McQuoid responds with her signature rasp: “It’s not like she’s gonna be in our bed and stuff.”

These conflicts come to an end by the finale of the season. We see Valentina running around the hotel, and we also get our first glimpse at a gun, a bag of body parts, and flashing police lights. Hey, the concierge isn’t dead this season! (Sorry, Armond.)

You can follow the twisty tale yourself The White Lotus Season two premieres October 30. 

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