Travis Scott once left his manager for dead after a medical emergency


Travis ScottDue to the chaos at his AstroFest concert where 8 people died and hundreds were injured, he is now facing a lot more backlash. His character is now being criticized by those who used to be close to him. His former manager is one of them. Shane Morris. 

Morris recounts the AstroFest episode in a TikTok clip and feels that Scott was aware of it. “They align with what I know about Travis Scott when he sees people in harm or danger, he tends to only continue thinking about himself”. Morris criticizes Scott and accuses him of theft and assault in this video. “I don’t mind doing this because Travis Scott is genuinely a horrible person,” Morris says.  

Morris’s Incident With Scott

Morris remembered meeting Scott back in 2009, when he was running Ear Milk. Scott set up a lot of bots on SoundCloud to increase his streaming. Scott could then tell record label executives he was more famous than he was. He used software to enhance the rapper’s visibility he claims to thousands of TikTok followers. 

Morris claimed that Scott had left him alone during a seizure in the studio. “He left me for dead in a basement in Los Angeles,”Morris wrote in Reddit post2013 Additional explanation:

“Late one night, we were all down in the Dungeon, up late, having a party. Music was playing, we were all having fun… and then I did what all epileptic people do from time to time: I had a seizure. Do you know what Travis Scott did? He left. He and his friend Tony left me. I eventually ended up at the hospital that night, but Travis couldn’t be bothered.”

Scott’s Lack of Concern

Scott hurt Morris because of their past relationship. “For almost two years, I had been working with him, building him up, and giving him guidance in music. To get left like that, when I’m having a medical emergency – that’s pretty cold.” 

Because of what seems like Scott’s disinterest in his fans’ safety during the concert in video clips, it does not seem like a far fetch that he has a lack of empathy for others. “Travis Scott is the kind of person who discriminates based upon disability. He steals from the musicians around him. Then, he manipulates people into thinking he did it all on his own.”Scott is now the father of Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Kylie Jenner. He also has another child on the way. This is creating serious consequences that will surely affect the rapper for some time. 

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