Travis Scott’s First Public Concert Since the Astroworld Tragedy


Travis Scott is back in front of the mic.

As part of Formula 1 Race Week celebrations, Travis took to the stage at Miami’s E11EVEN Club early in May 8th. Travis performs for the first time since November’s tragedy at his Astroworld Festival.

After having eaten at Miami’s Prime 112 restaurant earlier in the evening, the 31-year old arrived at E11EVEN at three o’clock in the morning. Straight to the DJ booth, he took the mic and informed the packed crowd that everyone was welcome at E11EVEN. “better lose their motherf—–g minds.”

Travis performed tracks such as “The Message” and “The Reign” in a 45-minute show. He wore a graphic tee and baggy jeans. “Sicko Mode,” “Antidote,” “Pick Up the Phone” “Goosebumps.” Quavo from MigosHe was joined by his guests when he started chanting “Dubai S–t,”A collaboration between them.

Travis instructed everyone in the crowd to take shots multiple times throughout his set. He was clutching Don Julio 1942 and he did this several times. Travis noticed at one point. Logan PaulIn the crowd, saying “The only thing I know about your is that you turn up the F.”

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