Trevor Noah’s Exit Announcement – Reportedly ‘Blindsided Staff


Trevor Noah, comedian, shocked many by his announcement of his retirement from The Daily ShowHe reportedly shocked his staff members as well this week. Sources close to production said Deadline Some of the staff at the show were as shocked as the audience. Noah might have been trying to get the news out before it was leaked.

According to insiders, Noah believed it was “imperative”to notify his departure The Daily ShowPersonally, he believed the news would leak quickly if he did not hurry. Although this was the best explanation, he did announce the news on air before telling his production staff. Those who were left out were still hurt. Sources could not confirm how many people were aware of Noah’s decision prior to the live broadcast. They also couldn’t say what percentage of staff it was, but it seemed like a small number.

This was a shocker considering the current state of late-night television under Paramount. James Corden has resigned Samatha Bee, Full Frontal on Late Late ShowThis has been cancelled, Desus & MeroIt was abruptly and unexpectedly overturned. However, it is unclear as to where Stephen Colbert’s contract timing at the company stands. Deadline ABC and NBC confirmed that they have long-term deals for late-night hosts.

According to insiders, Noah was simply trying to focus his attention on other projects. He is keen to return to stand-up comedy and long-term touring, and that it may be possible to make a lot doing so. Day Zero Productions is also mentioned. They have a large list of projects, including a feature-length adaptation Noah’s book. Born a Crime.

Even a mockumentary comedy show is in the works, with Noah serving as host. Paramount+ reported that this has been a popular series. This suggests that Noah is not too far from Comedy Central.

Noah didn’t name a reason. He simply thanked his audience for sticking by him through the years and said farewell. The Daily Show. He stated: “It’s been wild, truly wild… I just [find] myself filled with gratitude for the journey. It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s something that I never expected.”

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