Tristan Thompson Expecting Baby No. 3, According to Paternity Lawsuit


The athlete is requesting a paternity test to determine if he is the father of Maralee’s unborn son. In addition, Maralee and Tristan are also currently waging a legal battle over where the case should be handled. Maralee wants to settle matters in California, while Tristan argues that it should be moved to Texas because she was allegedly living there at the time they had sex and when she conceived the baby.

In her June lawsuit, Maralee requested that Tristan pay her “reasonable expenses of pregnancy and birth,” such as fees for doctor’s appointments, prenatal testing, parenting classes, prenatal vitamins and baby clothes and diapers, as well as the cost of her hospital stay. She stated that he has already covered the cost of two April doctor’s visits. She also wants the athlete to pay for her legal fees. Maralee is requesting full legal and physical custody of her son, while requesting that Tristan be granted visitation rights.