Truck of Man Lost Since 2006 Found at Bottom of Vermont River


After divers discovered the truck in the Winooski River Wednesday, a team of divers found it at the bottom. WCAX reported.

Donald Messier (34), of Waterbury, went missing 16 years ago, on October 15, 2006. He had left a Waitsfield-based party. Now thanks to divers with the Oregon-based group Adventures with Purpose, they believe they may have found a piece of evidence that might help piece together what happened to him, WCAX reported.

After Messier didn’t show up for work at the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters plant days after the party, his family, who said he was depressed and potentially suicidal, reported him missing, according to police, the Miami Herald reported.

Yet despite authorities best efforts, they were never able to find Messier, leaving the case to remain cold.

The police claimed that they have received tips over the years but not any paned out. Miami Herald reported.

Last year, in what would have been Messier’s 50th birthday and the 15th anniversary of his disappearance, renewed interest in his case surfaced, the Miami Herald reported.

In a press releaseThe Vermont State Police stated that “an outside group, Adventures With Purpose, working independently”Get advice from the authorities “notified investigators on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022, that their divers had located a truck in the Winooski River in Waterbury that they believe had belonged to Messier.”

The scene is now sealed off by detectives “active, and the investigation into this new evidence is in its earliest stages,” cops said.

Capt. WCAX reports that Matt Daley has been replaced by the Vermont State Police.

“We have the vehicle that we’re looking for,”WCAX was informed by Daley. “It’s a piece of evidence, right? Our detectives will try to piece it together.”

It remains unclear if Messier’s remains have been found.

“If there are remains in there, great. If not, we will keep on searching. It’s just another place for us to investigate and see if we can’t bring some closure to the family,”WCAX was informed by Daley.

Anybody with information that could assist investigators in this investigation is asked to contact the Berlin state police at 802-229-9191, or anonymously tip us online at


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