Tucker Carlson Allegedly Forcing Other Fox News Anchors Out, Sean Hannity Scared For His Job, Network Rumors Claim


Is Tucker Carlson the new reigning king of Fox News? The latest gossip claims the controversial TV personality is cleaning house at the network. Here’s the latest chatter from the tabloids.

Tucker Carlson Tearing Fox News Apart?

Back in November, the National Enquirer reported Tucker Carlson had made plenty of enemies at Fox News. And after he released his inflammatory documentary about the January 6 Capitol riots, multiple pundits decided to jump ship. But the consensus at the network was that Carlson was untouchable. “Everybody at FOX knows Tucker is controversial. Nobody wants to lose their job over it,” an insider dished. “They know he’s ratings gold.”

While Carlson’s series was undoubtedly controversial, we found it unlikely that he’d face any major blowback. In fact, in typical Fox News fashion, it seems the controversy only created more buzz leading to even higher ratings. And since the weeks that passed didn’t bring any sort of consequences for Carlson, it looks like the tabloid was just blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

Sean Hannity Scared Of Tucker Carlson?

Then, the Globe claimed Fox staple Sean Hannity feared getting on Tucker Carlson’s bad side. “Even Hannity knows not to cross Tucker,” an inside source spilled. “They are not close and don’t really like each other, but both just ignore each other rather than going to war over who is the most powerful.” But sources say Carlson was the obvious top dog, and he even had enough popularity to run for president if he ever wanted to.

Even though Carlson has dominated network news for a while now, there was never any reason to pit him and Hannity against each other. Hannity still had high ratings and it was clear he had no reason to fear Carlson. And since Fox probably didn’t want to lose its two top pundits, we’re sure it wouldn’t let either of them go very easily.

Tucker Carlson Forcing Fox Anchors To Quit?

Then, the Enquirer claimed Carlson was shaking things up at the network. While Fox lost a couple of longtime pundits over Carlson’s Patriot Purge documentary, people started to worry when veteran reporter Chris Wallace announced his departure. “He was not happy with Tucker’s Patriot Purge special,” an insider dished. “Management knew Chris was leaving. His contract was up and he opted not to renew it.”

But while the outlet was warranted in drawing a connection between Carlson’s controversy and Wallace’s exit, it wasn’t as cut and dry as the tabloid made it out to be. According to Wallace himself, he really just decided to broaden his horizons after giving Fox nearly 20 years of his career. While Fox’s steady descent into the far-right political spectrum very well could have contributed to Wallace’s decision to leave, it was misleading to give Carlson all of the credit.

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