Tucker Carlson Allegedly Tore Fox News Apart in the midst of Network Infighting. Unverified Insider Reports


It is Tucker Carlson‘s new docuseries starting a war within Fox News? One tabloid claims Carlson has steeped the network in controversy, and other anchors are calling for his head. Here’Here’s what we know so far about Fox News’ latest drama.

Fox News Staffers ‘Call Bull’ On Tucker Carlson’s Docuseries?

This week, National Enquirer reports Tucker Carlson’s new docuseries is a hot-button topic within Fox News. The series is called Patriot PurgeCarlson claimed that the Jan 6 Capitol Riots were part of a Democrat-led conspiracy against conservatives. However, some network employees are calling it fake news and demanding that Carlson be prosecuted.

“The series is complete propaganda! Everybody’s embarrassed by it!”An insider exclaims. “If you polled people in the FOX newsroom, most of them would want him fired today!”Geraldo Rivera, FOX’s celebrity host, has condemned the series online and called its claims “foolish”. “inflammatory and outrageous and uncorroborated.”

The series was also criticised by prominent GOP members such as Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, and others. To make the situation even sketchier, the tabloid noted that the series was produced by a lesser-known filmmaker as opposed to the network’s seasoned journalists. And yet, the magazine admits that FOX isn’t likely to take action. “Everybody at FOX knows Tucker is controversial. Nobody wants to lose their job over it,”Another tipster is available. “They know he’s ratings gold.”

FOX To Fire Tucker Carlson

After reviewing the story, we concluded that its claims were a bit exaggerated. While Carlson’s docuseries has been controversial at the very least, we seriously doubt it’s “tearing FOX News apart”. Some pundits on the network have voiced their disapproval, but it’s unlikely that Carlson will see any serious blowback from the show. Carlson is not the first person to find himself in trouble, but he has always come out of it unscathed. Geraldo Rivera’s condemnation didn’t even bring up the possibility of not airing the series.

The earlier this year, Globe Carlson, as reported by the Associated Press, was in danger of losing his job for his remarks about January 6 riots. As we pointed out back then, the story was unsupported and highly unlikely. Since four months have passed, we’re guessing the tabloid was wrong. Carlson has always expressed these controversial ideas on his show — it just so happens that he’s now compiled them into their own separate series. If FOX’s top brass didn’t have a problem with January 6 conspiracy theories before, we don’t see why it would be a problem now.

The Tabloid on Other TV Personalities

The TV stars are a popular target National Enquirer. A tabloid recently claimed Ryan Seacrest suffered from chronic fatigue. The tabloid also reported that Wendy Williams was bankrupt. The magazine reported that Whoopi goldberg was also going broke. “piling on the pounds.”Evidently, Inquire isn’t reliable when it comes to TV personalities.