Tucker Carlson’s Wife Allegedly Furious Over Anchor’s New Best Friend, Unverified Gossip Claims


Is it? Tucker Carlson‘s wife furious about his close relationship with a certain musician? One tabloid claims the TV anchor’His social life is starting alarm his wife. Here’s what we know about Tucker Carlson’s alleged wild behavior.

Tucker Carlson ‘Suffering Bizarre Midlife Crisis’?

This week, Globe reports Tucker Carlson has struck up an unlikely friendship with Kid Rock, and his wife Susan isn’t happy about it. “He’s acting weird—even for him—and he’s so enthralled with Kid he wants to hand out with him and maybe go on the road and see the country through the musician’s eyes,”Insider secrets “Tucker’s tired of being seen as boring and dull. He’s still an ultra-conservative, but Kid wants to go out and be wild and Tucker is totally up for it! He’s willing to trade foie gras for steak and loud music!”

Carlson recently sat down with Rock for an interview in Nashville, and sources say the pair couldn’t get enough of each other. “Tucker’s friends are shaking their heads,”These are the best tipster recipes. “He wants to be a cool dude like his new pal, and they worry how this wild streak will affect his home life. Susan can’t be happy he’s hanging out with Kid, who can be as bad an influence as they come. She prefers the dull and boring Tucker who wears preppy pullovers!”

Tucker Carlson to Go on Tour with Kid Rock?

Even for the skeptics, this report is bizarre. Globe. First, we don’t have any evidence to support this claim. “bromance”A televised interview that aired over a month ago. They parted ways soon after, although Kid Rock and Tucker Carlson may not have met. Even if they were to have a deeper friendship Rock is a moving stone who has a base in Nashville, while Carlson films in New York City. Just their day-to-day distance from one another would make it hard for Rock to have any influence on Carlson at all—let alone a bad one.

Not to mention, it’s Carlson’s job to connect with the people he interviews. He may have talked about admiring Rock’s “free”Lifestyle, but it is hard to believe that it was out of envy. Carlson has the highest ratings for any news-show with a single anchor on TV; many people in his field envy him. He, so we seriously doubt he’s jumping ship over a single sit-down with Rock. It is absurd for Carlson to tour with Rock, it should go without saying. While anything’s possible, that notion is just a bit too outlandish for us to take seriously.

The Magazine on Tucker Carlson

While the Globe seldom dives into Carlson’s personal life like this, the tabloid certainly has had plenty to say about his professional life. Last year, the outlet reported that Fox News’ top brass was worried Tucker Carlson was taking things too far. The magazine reported that Sean Hannity was scared of Carlson and worried about his plans to take him down. The magazine clearly stated that the Globe isn’t the most reliable source anywhere Carlson is concerned.