Tulsa Hospital Massacre: One of 20 Mass Shootings in US Since Uvalde Texas: What We Know So Far


Wednesday’s mass shooting inside a Tulsa, Oklahoma, hospital is just the latest mass shooting in the country and adds to a grim tally of nearly two dozen in just a week.

Tulsa police say that a gunman, identified as Michael Lewis, killed four people and injured several others at St. Francis Health System campus medical facility. He allegedly went there to kill a doctor he blamed for the pain he experienced after surgery, AP reported.

Authorities say Lewis entered a building with an AR-15-style weapon and opened fire, killing two doctors and two other people before turning the gun on himself, Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said at a press conference Thursday morning. According to the chief of police, the killer left behind a letter at crime scene.

America is still mourning the loss of innocent lives in the shooting at Uvalde, Texas. Twenty-one mass shootings have occurred since then, according to independent research. Gun Violence Archive.

Gun Violence Archive, an independent organization, collects data form over 7,500 sources and has tabulated all the recent shootings. NPR.

These are other areas where mass shootings have occurred within the United States of America in less than a week.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

CBS reports that four people were killed in shootings on May 25, leaving one 19-year old in critical condition. According to CBS, the victims were on way to a prom.

Stanwood, Michigan

Three of their siblings aged 3, 4, and 6 years, as well as their mother, were gunned down and killed on May 27, 2013. Investigators believe the man who shot the four family members was their father and the matriarch’s husband, according to Newsweek.

Anniston (Alabama)

Six people were shot while they attended a graduation party on May 27, which had over 150 people aged 14 to 20. Newsweek reported that six people were hurt. According to Anniston Police Department, no one was hurt.

“The impulse to use firearms by the young people in our society is a tragedy and a shame. Your local police department is called after an event happens and is not able to predict this type of crime. It is up to the families and communities as a whole to protect our children from gun violence. APD is committed to doing whatever we can to help,”Anniston Police Department shared their thoughts on Facebook.

“Lives are fragile and precious. This is not a video game or movie. You don’t get to respawn. The other person doesn’t get another chance to play again.”

Memphis, Tennessee

Gun Violence Archive says that on May 28, four people were wounded and shot at a Memphis car show. According to Newsweek, Memphis police arrested a suspect who was convicted of felonies.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

One man was shot to death and three other women were hurt in a shooting incident at a Colorado Springs bar on May 28. Gun Violence Archive reports that no arrests have been made.

Fresno, California

A shooting at Radio Park on Saturday 28 May resulted in the deaths of one man and the injuries of three teens. According to Newsweek, a firearm was discovered at the scene. However, no arrests were made.

Malabar, Florida

On May 28, four teens aged 15-18 were shot in the head by two men who were at a house party. According to police, no arrests were made and the incident is still under investigation. Click Orlando.

Chattanooga (Tennessee)

According to WDEF on May 28, six 15-year-olds were injured in a fight between two groups of youth in the city’s downtown area. Two of the victims were in critical condition.

According to reports, a suspect was initially arrested and later released. WDEF.

“Two individuals, from one group, started firing upon the other group and we believe there wasn’t one intended target in that other group. At this time, it does not seem to be any connection to anything gang-related. That’s not been completely ruled out but there’s nothing to indicate that at this time,”Celeste Murphy was the Chattanooga Police Chief, according to WDEF.

According to WDEF, Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly urged that guns be taken out of the hands criminals.

“And once again I’m standing here, in front of you, talking about our community’s youth getting shot. That’s outrageous and it has to stop. It’s ridiculous that I even have to publicly state that guns have no place in the hands of our kids,”Kelly stated. “Easy access to illegal guns is killing kids and our community has the responsibility to put a stop to it.”

Chicago, Illinois

On May 29, Chicago was the scene of two mass shootings.

Five people were seriously injured in a heated altercation in the West Side Windy City on Sunday morning. Newsweek reports that the first occurred early in the morning. According to Newsweek, no arrests were made.

One man was killed and four other people, including the suspect were injured in Sunday’s second shooting at West Humboldt Park.

Henderson, Nevada

Henderson police say that on May 29th, just minutes before midnight, two rival motorcycle gangs entered into an altercation, resulting in seven injuries. One person was not killed.

Beachwood, California

According to Newsweek, one person was killed and three others were injured during a party in Beachwood, Merced County on May 29th.

Taft, Oklahoma

One teenager was killed in a shooting rampage at a Memorial Day event in the city centre on May 29. Seven others were also injured. According to reports, the alleged shooter surrendered and was taken into custody. KOCO.

Houston, Texas

Four people were hurt in a road-rage shooting that took place in the city, police said on May 29.

Phoenix, Arizona

On May 29, one person was shot to death and five more were injured at a party. According to police, the shooting began when uninvited guests entered the house party. They were asked to leave. AZ Central.

Benton Harbor, Michigan

A mass shooting occurred at a bar and lounge on Memorial Day. According to reports, a fight broke out between three groups of teenagers over tickets at the venue. Six people were also injured.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

According to CBS Philadelphia, two people were killed and two others were injured in a Memorial Day party that had more than 100 people.

“A 16-year-old female and a 21-year-old female, both sustained fatal injuries. They were both deceased at the hospital. A 14-year-old female was dropped off at the hospital by a private vehicle, shot in the shoulder, and a 21-year-old male was found a block away, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds to his leg,” Philadelphia Police Department Lt. Anthony Ginaldi said.

Charleston, South Carolina

After gunfire broke out during Memorial Day celebrations in a lot, ten people were hurt and four others were in critical condition.

John Tecklenburg, Charleston Mayor “thoughts and prayers”They are not enough, and is furious at the gun violence in America. ABC 4.

Waco Texas

After Tuesday’s shooting in Waco on Tuesday evening, May 31, four people sustained injuries. According to reports, police continue to investigate the incident but no arrests have been made.




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