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Turkey will know officially be called Türkiye – after negative connotations of the word – at the United Nations after making a formal request last week

Turkey decided to change the official name of its country following its negative connections to animals or humans. “silly person”.

The European country will now be known as Türkiye at the United Nations from now on, after it agreed to a formal request from Ankara.

This is partly why the word was associated with Thanksgiving or Christmas bird.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, “turkey” can be defined as: “something that fails badly”Or “a stupid or silly person”.

The UN has since stated that the UN made the change “as soon as possible”The request was sent by the country last Wednesday. BBC reports.

In the context of a rebranding campaign launched last year by the Turkish President, several international bodies will be asked if they would like to change their names.

In December Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “”Türkiye is the best representation and expression of the Turkish people’s culture, civilization, and values.”

Most Turks already know their country as Türkiye, but the anglicised Turkey is widely used, even within the country.

All export products will be given the new brand. “Made in Türkiye”Similar to a logo on the wall, “Hello Türkiye”The tourism scheme was launched in the first quarter of this year.

Turkish people have reacted with mixed emotions to the change.

Although the government supports the decision, many people have called it anabolic. “ineffective distraction”Despite the ongoing economic crisis, the president will be entering elections next year.

Turkey follows many other countries’ lead and changes their names.

The Netherlands decided in 2020 to drop its well-known Holland brand. This was part of a major rebranding.

After a dispute with Greece, Macedonia’s name was changed to North Macedonia.

Swaziland was transformed into Eswatini as an African country in 2018.

Further back, Iran used to be called Persia. Thailand was once Siam. Rhodesia was then changed to Zimbabwe.

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