TV Comeback: Dick and Dom


After their departure from Celebrity Ghost Trip, Dick and Dom, two children’s TV stars, are making a return.

The duo – Dick McCourt and Dom Wood – appeared to have fled to telly wilderness after a nerve-shredding Halloween guest slot on Channel 4’s ghoul-hunting show.

Dom, 44, ran out of the room terrified’ during filming.

The pair – whose show Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow was a kids’ smash in the Noughties – are still haunted by the experience and have vowed never to dabble in the occult again. They will be back on TV in the next year.

Dick, 45, told the Silver Screen Beat: “It’s still all under wraps but you should hear something in about a month or so. I can’t say anything at the moment.

Dick and Dom will be back on UK TV screens soon
Soon, Dick and Dom will return to UK TV screens

It’s an exciting year though.’’ Dick admitted the ghost-hunting programme – in which celebs were ferried round Britain’s most haunted venues – took its toll.Some of the things that happened on that show were pretty terrifying,’’ he said.

We ended up in a chapel right in the middle one of the most haunted houses in the country.

It was a bit out there and not something I’ll do again. Do I believe there is a spirit world? I’m not sure.’’

He stated that the pals had just started performing again since the pandemic destroyed 80% of their work.

The 2000s CBBC legends have begun performing again after the pandemic
The legends of 2000s CBBC have started performing again following the pandemic

Dom and I have done a few gigs lately,’’ he said. We’ve been back in the clubs, back on the festival circuit and back in the theatres.

It’s just great to see people back out and about enjoying live entertainment again because the last two years were a nightmare.We lost pretty much 80% of our work.

All of our work had to be rearranged. Also, we had separate homes: Dom at his house and me at mine.

“It was a challenging time but it’s great to be back.”

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