Twitter Roasts Matt Damon Over Controversial Commercial


Since 2008’s inception, cryptocurrency has been controversial. This digital currency is not under the control of the government. The current value of cryptocurrency is declining. Bitcoin has fallen to its lowest value in five years. People are snorting on Matt DamonBecause of it. Here’s why.

Matt Damon’s Fortune

A new advertisement featuring Damon was launched by in October 2021. The advertisement was released in October 2021 by Good Will HuntingStar believes history is full with people who have almost succeeded. Damon says there were pioneers who stood beside replicas of innovators. “calmed their minds and steeled their nerves with four simple words whispered by the intrepid since the time of the Romans: fortune favors the brave.”

YouTube views fell below 75% after the advertisement. The commercial was serious and advocated investing in the spirit of innovation. Reddit was having a field day. South ParkLampoonedNot long after, the commercial was released. Clyde tells a ranting Cartman. “My dad said he listened to Matt Damon and lost all his money.”

The Markets crashed then

BitCoin is currently in mid-May. BitCoin’s NFTs have fallen dramatically and are not expected to stop. Twitter took on Damon, as you would expect. One critic said that those who listened and invested $1000 have now dropped to $554

Autotune the News may have brought to your attention the Gregory Brothers. They used a clip from InterstellarThey will be able to demonstrate their point. 

New York TimesDave Itzkoff, writer, cited another Damon movie in his take.

Damon wasn’t the only celebrity shilling crypto ahead of this crash. Super Bowl ads promoting crypto featured LeBron James and Larry David. Steph Curry currently stars in ads for NFTs. However, Damon’s ad seems to have ticked off the internet the most.

What does Matt Damon think about all this?

Damon would never apologize for endorsing any product. The closest explanation we’ve heard comes from Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel, who acted as a barber, revealed that Damon created the ad for charity, and not for profit.

This makes it easier to swallow the whole thing, but Twitter will always be Twitter. Damon’s promotion for crypto helps to legitimize an investment. But that investment isn’t paying off. It will be interesting to see if the prices rise or fall.

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