Two days after receiving the death announcement, a woman was forced to give birth and gave birth to a baby boy.


Gemma Thompson was still traumatized by the birth of Jack despite knowing that he had died two days before. Irwin Mitchell is looking into her care at Hull Royal Infirmary

Yorkshire woman described the way she gave birth and had a stillborn baby. “most difficult time of her life”Two days prior, I was told the devastating news.

Gemma Thompson, 35 years old, lives in York, Hull, with her husband Nigel (59). She was 38 weeks into her first child when she got the news.

On March 8, 2020, Jack was stillborn at Hull Royal Infirmary. Gemma opened up about her difficult time in life in an effort to help others.

Gemma, Nigel and Jack’s deaths, Gemma instructed Irwin Mitchell investigate Jack’s care under the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This trust runs HRI.

Gemma has an extensive medical history. Gemma has Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), which can lead to seizures and weakness in her limbs.

Nigel and she had been trying to conceive since 2003. She fell pregnant in July 2019. She noticed an increase in her fainting and seizures during the first months of her pregnancy. She also noticed a change in her blood sugar levels, and she began to test these.

At 32 weeks pregnant, she went to HRI for an antenatal exam. Although tests indicated an increase in sugar levels, she did not need further investigation. She was assured that there were no issues.

At 38 weeks, she attended an antenatal appointment. Although there were no concerns, Jack’s death was announced to her during the antenatal appointment.

She was then given medication to induce labor and sent home. Later that day, she was admitted to the hospital to give birth to Jack. Jack Thompson died on March 8, 2020.

Gemma, a debt advisor, said: “I found out I was pregnant with Jack the day before my birthday and I was so relieved and excited as we’d been struggling to conceive. I had my worries though because of my FND and this worsened during my pregnancy. However, at no point did I feel like the doctors were concerned.

“After 38 weeks of pregnancy, I was repeatedly assured that everything was fine. To then hear that our baby boy had passed away was quite a shock. We were completely devastated. We were devastated. Our son, which we had waited for for so many years, was taken away in the most horrible way.

“To also have to go through labour when I was grieving for Jack was truly horrendous. The whole experience was nothing short of traumatic. Jack died at the start of the pandemic, so we were not able to have a proper funeral for him, which was awful.

“I know there is nothing that can be done to change what happened or bring Jack back to us. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to go through and I’m not sure I would have got by without Nigel, my family and friends.”

Gemma is a member the Sands Awareness Month Facebook Group. Her legal team is also helping her to celebrate Sands Awareness Month. This campaign seeks to reduce baby deaths and to raise awareness about the support available to parents affected by the loss of a child.

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust spokespeople as follows: “We would like to offer our sincere condolences to Mr and Mrs Thompson. While legal proceedings are ongoing, it would be inappropriate to provide further comment at this particular time.”

Visit Sands Awareness Month for more information

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