Two Men Arrest in Shooting the Death of a Dad of a College Student


Two men have been arrested in connection with the killing of Paul Kutz, a New York father who was shot to death in a hotel lobby while visiting his son at Marist College, authorities said.

Police said Monday that Roy Johnson, 35 years old, was taken into custody at the Courtyard Marriott in Poughkeepsie following Sunday’s shooting. Kutz was allegedly killed by Johnson using a 9mm semiautomatic handgun. He was charged with second degree murder. According to authorities, he was also charged second-degree criminal possession with a weapon.

He is currently being held at the Dutchess County Jail without bail. 

Devin Taylor (26), was also taken into custody on the spot and charged with second-degree criminal possess of a weapon. Authorities said that he was carrying a loaded rifle of.223 caliber with no serial number. Authorities said he is being held in lieu $500,000 cash bail.

Friday’s court appearance is scheduled for both men. Authorities also claimed that they found manuals and materials necessary to make explosives but no actual devices.

Kutz didn’t know the suspects, and the shooting was not reported. “random,”According to police, Authorities have not released details about the motive or reason the men were staying at this hotel.

Police said that the father was staying at the hotel during a weekend for parents of Marist students. According to local reports, his son is a sophomore at Marist.

Kutz, a 53-year-old accountant from Long Island, was described by neighbors and friends as a devoted father and family man with three sons. 

“He’s active in the community and we’ve lost a good man,”Ken Farrell, 74-year-old next-door neighbor, stated that he was the author. New York Post reported. “He coaches kids in basketball. He’s a CPA, he had his own firm. Always helping out, answering any questions, trying to help people.

“He’s salt of the earth, playing ball on his lawn with his kids. Wonderful man. Great father,” Farrell said. “I talked with him three or four times a week. He’d keep an eye on our house when I’m away. I’m shocked and upset. We all are.” 


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